Wonder Woman Beat Marvel’s Juggernaut With ONE Punch

The Juggernaut is easily one of the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics. Immortal, invulnerable, and just plain unstoppable, very few Marvel heroes can match this X-Men foe in terms of sheer power. However, the Juggernaut doesn’t always fight in the Marvel Universe… which is how he met a certain Amazon Princess with a strength that reached – and possibly exceeded his own.

Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, DC and Marvel Comics produced several crossover series that allowed multiple popular characters from each company to meet, form friendships, and fight. The companies even created an original character, Access, who had the power to cross between the DC and Marvel Universe, and bring characters from one universe into another. This allowed him to pit the Juggernaut himself against one of DC’s most wonderful champions…

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The match happened in Unlimited Access #1 which found Access at Empire State University in the Marvel Universe (where he’d grown up) trying to explain to his girlfriend Ming why he had to keep disappearing. Their argument abruptly ended, however, when the school was attacked by Mantis, a DC villain, and his partner the Juggernaut. Fortunately, Peter Parker happened to be attending Empire State University that day and quickly switched to Spider-Man to defend the school. Sensing that Mantis was from the wrong universe, Access was horrified when it turned out Mantis was there to kidnap Ming. Using his powers, he teleported Ming all the way to the Statue of Liberty. Then, realizing Spidey need help, he made a side trip into the DC Universe and asked Wonder Woman for her help.

Diana quickly agreed to assist, and luckily arrived just as Mantis and Juggernaut were literally about to tear Spider-Man in two. After freeing the web head from Juggernaut’s grip, she turned her attention to Mantis and restrained him with her Lasso of Truth. Spidey, meanwhile, ran out of web fluid and ended up using Wonder Woman’s own lasso to take down Mantis. Before Wonder Woman could provide further assistance, Juggernaut got the drop on her and smashed her into the ground. Diana quickly regrouped and engaged the Juggernaut in battle, causing the unstoppable villain to admit her warm up punches “almost hurt.” Wonder Woman soon employed some strategy, however, knocking the Juggernaut’s helmet off of his head (no small feat considering it was bolted on and sealed with a laser torch).

Juggernaut merely sneered, however, and told Wonder Woman that she’d still need a couple atomic bombs to slow him down. As he drove her through a brick wall, however, Spider-Man managed to get Mantis on the ropes (literally) by entangling him in the Lasso of Truth and spinning him in Diana’s direction. Seeing what Spidey was doing, Wonder Woman issued a fierce uppercut at the Juggernaut and sent him flying into Mantis. Immovable object met irresistible force, creating a huge sonic boom – and when the dust cleared, Juggernaut was laid out and completely unconscious.

Many heroes – including Spider-Man himself – have been able to defeat the Juggernaut, often by employing sneaky strategies. Few people, however, have managed to take out Cain Marko with a single punch and stop the unstoppable. Seeing as Wonder Woman’s power comes from the gods and that her strength has been said to be on par with Superman’s, however, this actually makes a lot of sense. DC heroes have been seen as the equivalent of modern-day gods, after all, making their universe a place where Cain Marko might find more than one person who can challenge his claim that nothing stops the Juggernaut.

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