Wolverine Hit On Spider-Man’s Widow (Because He’s A HERO)

Wolverine is a superhero with greater than his justifiable share of relationships, affairs, and flings, but it surely seems even he wasn’t above hitting on his lifeless finest pal’s widow — for the finest causes potential, after all.

Whereas Wolverine is mostly related to the X-Males, at one level in his profession he was additionally a card-carrying member of the Avengers. In 2004’s New Avengers, after the unique Avengers staff disbanded, a brand new staff of atypical heroes (primarily loners) got here collectively, together with Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. Although Spider-Man and Wolverine had Spider-Man and Wolverine had been pals previous to their Avengers membership, their friendship was finally put to the check when Mary Jane Watson turned a widow.

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Within the pages of Superb Spider-Man previous to Peter Parker’s ‘loss of life,’ he misplaced his childhood residence (in addition to the residence he shared along with his spouse Mary Jane Watson-Parker) after a battle with a supervillain. With Peter, Aunt Might, and Mary Jane left with nowhere to stay, Tony Stark supplied his teammate and his household an opportunity to stay in Avengers Tower. Whereas the remainder of the New Avengers welcomed Peter with open arms, it took Wolverine a while to regulate to his teammate’s household residing with him. Wolverine objected to the thought of Aunt Might making breakfast for the Avengers, and even made an off-hand comment that Mary Jane being with Peter was a “waste of a wonderfully good babe.” It wasn’t the primary time different heroes tried to steal Mary Jane, however with Wolverine’s observe file of relationships, Peter had each purpose to be anxious Logan may truly make a transfer. And when tragedy struck, Wolverine crossed the road.

Throughout the storyline introducing “The Different” to Marvel lore, Spider-Man famously died in a battle towards the villain Morlun, a supernatural entity who wished to eat Spider-Man. Although Morlun additionally perished shortly afterwards, Peter Parker remained lifeless (for a short time a minimum of), leaving Mary Jane and Aunt Might to grieve. Whereas the New Avengers had been supportive of each Parkers, Wolverine seen Mary Jane was in ache, and determined to take the chance to ask her out on a date. Mary Jane rightly responded by hitting Wolverine, screaming at him to avoid her, and that she would discover some option to damage him if he tried the rest. All issues thought of, one of many worst appears for Wolverine in most followers’ reminiscence.

When confronted for that very purpose by the Avengers’ devoted butler Jarvis, Wolverine defined his actions had been supposed to maintain Mary Jane’s thoughts off of her grief. In his thoughts, Wolverine felt MJ wanted to maneuver from grief to rage, as rage provides an individual motivation, whereas grief would simply make her wish to hand over totally. Wolverine had completely no issues being a martyr on this state of affairs, permitting himself to turn out to be the item of Mary Jane’s hatred, as long as it might assist her. Although Peter did finally come again to life, and the Parker household reunited as soon as extra, did Wolverine do the suitable factor?

Whereas Wolverine could have had Mary Jane’s finest curiosity in thoughts, he may have in the end performed extra hurt then good along with his actions. Mary Jane had loads happening when Wolverine made his transfer, she was anxious about caring for Aunt Might, about Peter’s funeral, and even debated if she ought to reveal that Peter Parker was truly Spider-Man. Wolverine, by making a go at his pals spouse, ended up including one other factor for Mary Jane to fret about, and although it might have taken her thoughts off of her grief for a second, the comment would have nonetheless damage her regardless. Everybody grieves otherwise, and although Wolverine could have had one of the best of intentions, he nonetheless dedicated a much less then noble act for, maybe, considerably noble causes. Although Mary Jane forgives Logan as soon as Peter returns, and really thanks him for giving her somebody to hit, it was nonetheless arguably a much less then very best approach to assist somebody grieve.

On condition that Wolverine himself has lived a tough life, and has some expertise in coping with loss and loss of life, it appears he was simply making an attempt to assist in the one approach he knew how. Whether or not Wolverine made the suitable name or not, it is nonetheless onerous to justify hitting in your pal’s widow, irrespective of how heroic your intentions might need been.

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