Which Veep Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

What is most remarkable about the signs of the Chinese Zodiac is that it manages to find the good in all people, no matter which year they were born in. The most positive personality traits are associated with the various animals of the cycle when it comes to the Chinese Zodiac.

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Therefore, it might be a tough marriage when considering the alignments of Veep characters to the signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Hardly anyone on Veep is redeemable and they are all despicable, vicious people. But, that doesn’t mean the traits of the Chinese Zodiac can’t be warped to fit the cruel intentions of the Veep menagerie.

12 Rat: Catherine

Beginning with the Year of the Rat (which also coincides with 2020), the obvious choice is Catherine, Selina Meyer’s daughter. At times, Catherine proves to have a wit as quick as Dan or Amy, but she also tries to be kind.

This kindness comes from a desire to distance herself from her mother, but it’s still kindness all the same. That’s an attribute strongly tied to the Rat model.

11 Ox: Gary

Gary is not one of Veep‘s strongest characters, as the Ox tends to be. However, he is far and away the most dependable figure in the entire HBO political satire.

As Selina’s bag man/personal aide, Gary has whatever she needs at all times, from a new outfit to a new bit of information. Gary is a character who can be relied on like no other.

10 Tiger: Amy

Amy is devoid of any positive feeling or love in her life, but that’s part of what makes her a hilarious character. It also helps make her a Tiger, because she keeps her eyes on her goals.

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An extremely competitive person, Amy aligns with the fierceness of the Tiger. Amy is never so happy as when she is running a political campaign, after all.

9 Rabbit: Kent

Kent is a character about whom no one ever needed to worry. He did his work responsibly and with a quiet grace, just like a Rabbit does.

Granted, Kent does speak in tongues and he’s a stickler for proper language, but that only contributes to his Rabbit status. He’s hardly flashy, but he is a vital team player because his work is conducted with a reserved brilliance.

8 Dragon: Tom

Tom James enters Veep in the fourth season, but he immediately fits into the ensemble beautifully. A ball of confidence and amenability, Tom James’ enthusiasm is an infectious trait.

It’s also a Dragon-like trait. Tom James connects with people because he positions himself as a man who shares their values. It’s very clever Dragon behavior, and he wields it perfectly.

7 Snake: Dan

The entire essence of Reid Scott’s Dan Egan is very snake-like because of his duplicitous nature and complete lack of a moral compass. However, he is also emblematic of the Snake sign because of how hard it is to trust him.

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Snakes are enigmas, which makes them hard to predict. While Dan is a pretty surface-level man, he’s still worthy of being weary when it comes to trusting him. He may be smart, but he is no saint.

6 Horse: Jonah

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Horse produces energetic, colorful people. Jonah Ryan is undoubtedly both of those things, even if they manifest in a truly detestable personality.

Whenever Jonah shows up on Veep, he is slinging heat and his energy can’t be matched by any other character. That is why he is a direct match to the Horse.

5 Goat: Richard

This is one is an easy one. Of course, Richard is a Goat. The Year of the Goat has traits that cannot be twisted into negativity. Goats are gentle and kind and always measured.

That is exactly Richard, one of the only beacons for pure goodness on Veep. He is always willing to lend a sympathetic ear to the people in his life and he always gives them a second chance. It’s impossible to anger Richard; that’s why he’s a Goat.

4 Monkey: Selina

Selina Meyer, the figurehead around which every story on Veep revolves, is a match for the Year of the Monkey. Monkeys are extremely intelligent and acutely aware of their surroundings.

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Selina understands the implication of every gaffe and every D.C. decision, and she knows exactly what to do to swerve her political dreams out of the way of disaster. One cannot be president without having a little bit of media savvy. Selina’s Monkey status gives her that in abundance.

3 Rooster: Ben

No symbol of the Chinese Zodiac is directly correlated to immense depression, so Ben will have to settle for the Rooster instead. Roosters work harder and work smarter, and they observe any problem in their life from miles away.

That’s why Ben is an excellent staff member to have when in a political position. He sees all angles to every situation from a human standpoint, as opposed to Kent’s numerical lens.

2 Dog: Mike

What makes Mike the leader of the Year of the Dog is the fact that he is completely honest. Granted, this honesty is to a fault as it results in him losing his job because he’s honest about his many screw-ups.

He’s a good pet who does as he’s told, but he’s ultimately a liability on Selina’s team. Honesty is the best policy for Mike. It just doesn’t cut him out for the political lifestyle.

1 Pig: Sue

Lastly, there is Sue, who is a highly efficient, cross-party employee in the White House. She works hard and she works diligently, completing every task with the utmost responsibility.

Sue is probably the most efficient workers on Veep (and one of the only ones) and it’s why she is a Pig. Pigs are known for their thorough jobs well done. That’s rare on Veep.

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