Warzone Update Is 66 GB For Xbox Players, 1 GB For Everyone Else

A new patch for Call of Duty: Warzone was pushed out late last night, and while players on PlayStation 4 and PC only have a 1 GB update, Xbox One players have another massive 66 GB update. Warzone has become somewhat infamous for is obscenely large updates, and this latest update seems to be the straw that has broken many players’ backs.

Warzone has made a name for itself as one of the best battle royale titles on the market with over 30 million players, but it has also become known for its insanely large updates. Each patch that Infinity Ward pushes out is the size of a AAA title ranging anywhere from 45 GB to 84 GB. The full Call of Duty: Modern Warfare experience is 183 GB which takes up a lot of space on a player’s console or PC, but players who only download Warzone only have to spare 99.5 GB. Usually, Warzone players suffer in unity when a new update is pushed out, but this time Xbox One gamers are taking a much larger hit.

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According to Call of Duty news website CharlieIntel, the 66 GB patch is exclusive to Xbox One players while PS4 users have a 1.25 GB update, and PC players only have a .88 GB update. Infinity Ward has stated that the update is larger because of a bug on Microsoft’s side with how Microsoft delivers and packages updates. Charlie Intel reports that the studio is working “closely” with Microsoft to resolve the issue for future updates.

As expected, fans are not happy with the size of the update. A large number of Xbox One users took to Twitter to complain about the size of the update, so much so that the term “66 GB” was trending at one point in time. Most complained about the size of the patch and compared it to the size of other games. CoD fans were also confused as to why the update was so large on Xbox but less than 2 GB on both PC and PS4.

Apparently, this patch addresses one of Warzone’s most heinous graphical issues, but patch notes from different sources make it hard to determine if that is true. Especially since Ashton Williams, the senior communications manager at Infinity Ward, stated that there was no time table for fixing the glitch only a few days prior to the update. And while fans have the right to be upset, this 66 GB patch shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s not even the largest update Warzone has put out in the past few months. One thing is for sure, it sucks to be a CoD fanboy on Xbox One right now.

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Source: Charlie Intel

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