Top 10 Newsroom Guest Stars, Ranked

This Aaron Sorkin show followed a staff working at a news station who decided to report the news in a moral and ethical manner instead of only focusing on ratings. The main group of characters fought for what they thought was right and were either helped or had to stand up against the various outside characters who appeared in episodes throughout the series.

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There were allies, enemies, and characters who were in between, but all of the characters were engaging additions to the main cast on The Newsroom. There were many guest-stars and reoccurring characters that appeared throughout the Sorkin series ranging from television and movie actors to recognizable acting icons.

10 Jimmi Simpson

Jimmi Simpson guest-starred for a few episodes of the series as an ethics professor who meets one of the main characters, Maggie Jordan, on a train ride.

The two began a relationship and seemed to be a great match, but they quickly broke up because Maggie still had lingering feelings for Jim. The relationship seemed to be happy and supportive as they would debate and challenge each other in a healthy way.

9 B.J. Novak

B.J. Novak guest-starred as the new President of the news network that was similar to his character on The Office, Ryan Howard.

The character was arrogant, thinking he knew best, and wanted to disrupt things at ACN just for the sake of disruption. Even though he didn’t last for long he caused a lot of disruption in the main character’s lives, although it wasn’t the type of innovation he was looking for, to begin with.

8 Kat Dennings

Although Kat Dennings only appeared for one episode on the series, she made an impression on a major plot throughout the series. Reese is trying to save ACN and Sloan figures out that his step-siblings are trying to buy 51% of the company so they can sell it to the highest bidder out from under Reese.

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Reese confronts them, one of them portrayed by Dennings, in a tense moment, and she and her brother’s actions send waves throughout the news network.

7 Hamish Linklater

Hamish Linklater appears in several episodes in the second season of the series as his character spearheads a shocking story.

He keeps pushing for the story to be true, finding evidence, and persuading everyone by going as far as manipulating the evidence so the story can run on air. Unfortunately, it turned out to be untrue and the story had to be retracted, which left the network’s reputation in ruins.

6 Chris Messina

Chris Messina guest-starred as Reese Lansing, the President of the news network, for several episodes. His character began as an enemy as he tried to get Will fired again and again and even went as far as to hack ACN employee’s phones to get tabloid stories to take him down.

Although they began as enemies, Reese did grow over the series and eventually came around to their side and helped them as much as he could by the end of the series.

5 Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider guest-starred in a few episodes of the series as a journalist who Will allows to shadow him at ACN and write an article about him.

The character becomes more complex when it’s revealed that he is Mackenzie’s ex-boyfriend who she cheated on Will with, which imploded their relationship. Schneider portrays the aloof character well who also tries to figure out, along with the audience, why Will would hire him in the first place.

4 David Harbour

David Harbour guest-starred for several episodes throughout the series as another news anchor at the station who worked closely with the main characters.

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Although his character doesn’t have too much of an impact on the series, he is a constant throughout and it’s a fun treat for Stranger Things fans to see the actor throughout the series.

3 Terry Crews

Before Terry Crews was known for starring in the popular show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, he portrayed Will McAvoy’s bodyguard after the news anchor began getting death threats for controversial opinions he said on air. Will is immediately dismissive of him and sarcastic toward him and his job.

Crews’ character keeps his cool and matches Will’s sarcasm while also taking his position seriously. Although he only had a few scenes his character made an impression on the series during one of the more threatening storylines.

2 Grace Gummer

Grace Gummer guest-starred in several episodes as Jim Harper met her on the Romney campaign trail as they were both reporting on the election.

They argue at first and she’s frustrated at his idealistic approach that won’t work in the environment, because she’s tried it before. The two began a relationship and Gummer was a great addition to the show and provided a foil to Jim.

1 Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda appeared in several episodes of the series as Leona Lansing, the owner of the team’s news network ACN. Although she often went head to head with Charlie, she was always on the team’s side and was an engaging character to watch.

Leona was a strong and savvy businesswoman who always knew the best play in the corporate and political world to help ACN continue their mission to present news in the best way possible, also she was always impeccably dressed.

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