This Perfume Trend Always Turned Me Off, But Now I’m a Believer

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I’ve never been the most adventurous when it comes to perfumes, yet I had a lot of opinions about them. I used to think gardenia was a “grandma” scent before I met some perfumes that changed my mind. After spending most of my preteen and teen years bathed in fruity scents, I swore off them for a long time. So yeah, I always stuck to the “safe” floral lane. You know, the jasmines, roses, orchids, lilies… and sometimes with a dash of citrus thrown in.

When it came to spicy, bold scents, nuh-uh. No way. How could I pull it off? Was I the type of person to wear heady, woodsy, and warm scents? I just didn’t think it was part of my aesthetic. I.e., my friends would probably smell me and think, “Wow, who is that person?!”

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