These 5 Trendy Shoes Are Top-Rated for Comfort by a Podiatrist and Customers

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When I’m researching comfortable shoe options, I often dive into the comment section at various retailers to see how other customers rated the ones I’m interested in. During a recent search, I pulled out a few top-reviewed standouts with over four stars for myself (including my new favorite Birkenstocks) and also some to recommend to others. Naturally, I’m sharing said picks with you below. But I also wanted to take it one step further to showcase more ways the styles could rate in terms of actual comfort. To do so, I tapped Benjamin Tehrani, DPM, of Kings Point Foot & Ankle.

I sent him links to the current shoes I thought were chic and also could be comfortable, and he weighed in on the key factors that in fact make the styles more comfortable than others. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to check out the silhouettes in question—everything from sandals to boots to loafers to flats—complete with actual customer testimonials as well as advice from Tehrani. If you scroll a bit further, you’ll also uncover more comfortable shoe picks to wear now and into next season.

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