The unannounced Xbox Series S has been leaked by Microsoft’s own controller boxes, and a holiday 2020 release is rumored

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Xbox Series X

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The Xbox Series S, an unannounced version of Microsoft’s next generation Xbox, was inadvertently revealed by never-before-seen Xbox controllers found in the US. Ads offering the controllers for sale appeared on the website OfferUp and reporters for The Verge verified the device as genuine.

Packaging for a white version of the next generation Xbox controller said it was for use with the “Xbox Series X/S ” as well as the Xbox One, clearly indicating that two new Xbox consoles are in production. The Xbox Series X, which Microsoft unveiled in December 2019, has only been seen in black so far.

Microsoft has yet to officially confirm the existence of the Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Series X is still awaiting an exact release date, so it’s unclear why controllers for the next gen consoles are already being sent to stores.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is set to launch during the holiday season, replacing the company’s flagship Xbox One X console. Microsoft has been solely promoting the arrival of the Series X for months but rumors have long suggested that the company was working on a more affordable, though less powerful console without a disc drive to launch alongside the Series X.

Sony has already confirmed that it will launch the PlayStation 5 this fall with a “digital edition” that omits the console’s disc drive. It’s presumed that the digital PS5 will be cheaper, but both Sony and Microsoft have yet to release pricing details for their upcoming consoles.

Microsoft adopted a multi-tiered pricing strategy for Xbox consoles with the Xbox One X and Xbox One S in 2017. In July 2020, Microsoft confirmed that Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital consoles would be ending production, though the Xbox One S will remain in production.

Games designed for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will continue to work with all versions of the Xbox One thanks to a feature Microsoft is calling Smart Delivery. Smart Delivery provides the appropriate digital version for whichever Xbox console is being used by the player, so they’ll have the best possible quality for their machine.

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