The Transformers (1984): The 5 Best & 5 Worst Episodes, According To IMDb

The original Transformers animated series (also known as Generation 1/G1) aired from September 17th, 1984 to November 11th, 1987. The series was inspired by a toy line by the Hasbro company which had created toy cars that could turn into robots.

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Marvel Productions co-produced the series with Sunbow Productions. Five years after its end, a new animated series dubbed Transformers: Generation 2. All these would later inspire the live-action movie franchise. These are the best and worst episodes of the original animated series.

10 Best: Heavy Metal War (8.1)

In “Heavy Metal War,” The Constructicons lived up to their name and attacked a construction site in order to steal machine parts for Megatron. The villain also challenged Optimus Prime for a fight with no outside help as the Cybertron law stated.

There were high stakes for the battler. The loser would be forced to go into exile together with his army forever. Optimus Prime agreed but he had no idea Megatron was playing him. Megatron used a power transfer machine created from the parts The Constructicons had stolen and transferred all Decepticon powers to himself.

9 Worst: Suprise Party (6.6)

Robotic aliens need love too, so Daniel and Wheelie planned to hold a major creation party for Ultra Magnus. That was the equivalent of a birthday party since the Transformers aren’t really born but created.

Unfortunately, the creation date of Ultra Magnus wasn’t documented. To find out when he was created, they went to look for a storage asteroid that had Autobot archives. During the mission, they ended up getting captured and held captive by Scourge and Cyclonus.

8 Best: Dark Awakening (8.1)

The Autobots sought a building that they could use to repair their ship. They also went out in search of a Mausoleum that they had constructed for the casualties.

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Upon arrival, they made the shocking discovery that the body of Optimus Prime was missing from its tomb. They then discovered he was alive and trying to construct a shuttle that he could use to escape. The Autobots were happy to see him but they soon realized that he was acting rather strange. Something wasn’t right.

7 Worst: The Face Of Nijika (6.3)

After a fierce battle with the Autobots, the Quintessons failed to match up and were forced to flee. However, there was a major problem. The Autobots and the Quintessons were trapped, unable to exit the Quadrant lock with the route they had come in.

Apparently, the whole population of Planet Zimojin had been trapped there for thousands of years and it was all thanks to the Quintessons. The only way the Autobots could leave was through Perceptor.

6 Best: The Return Of Optimus Prime: Part 1 (8.1)

Things were looking dull without Optimus Prime but then a group of scientists stumbled upon his body in the first part of the Season 3 finale. There were also spores that had the ability to influence the thinking of whoever made contact with them.

One of the scientists was unwilling to allow Optimus to be gone forever. So she tried to find ways to save him. However, the other scientist wasn’t for the same idea. He believed that Megatron and Optimus Prime were responsible for a previous accident that left his face scarred.

5 Worst: Nightmare Planet (6.1)

Daniel was getting haunted by nightmares centering on a Galvatron. Spike and Carly were worried so they requested Rodimus Prime to pay him a visit. Rodimus told Daniel to imagine a huge version of him was fighting the Galvatron if it haunted him again. Not exactly good advice but…

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Later, Rodimus, Springer and Ultra Magnus were riding through the fog when they were attacked by Predacons. Apparently, the Quintessons were making use of Daniel’s nightmares to build fierce monsters that would destroy some of the Autobots.

4 Best: The Return Of Optimus Prime: Part 2 (8.2)

A happy Optimus Prime thanked the Quintesson for bringing him back to life. It is revealed that Bumblebee was too injured from the infection and a new body had to be built for him. The rest that hadn’t been too affected were restored back to normalcy.

Meanwhile, the spores had created somewhat of a pandemic and spread all over the galaxy. Optimus was hoping to get a cure from the Matrix located inside Rodimus Prime. Sadly, the spores had attacked Rodimus too hence Optimus had to find a way to access the Matrix without getting the infection too.

3 Worst: B.O.T. (6.0)

The Combaticons visited an unknown city then transformed into cars. They formed Bruticus for who was quickly taken down courtesy of a Defensor shot. Defensor left the parts lying there so Swindle gathered them and tried to sell them to “El Presidente.”

Elsewhere, Megatron was simulating his orbit disruptor cannon and Starscream didn’t like it. After a complaint from Starscream, Megatron praised it, saying that the device will help knock the Moon from its orbit, and as a result, they’ll be able to manipulate tides and cause floods.

2 Best: War Dawn (8.3)

When a true leader isn’t present, problems will definitely arise. In this episode, some of the Aerialbots were beginning to doubt their cause. Megatron was giving the impression of a stronger and more focussed leader hence the Aerialbots were considering switching sides.

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Soon, they were sucked into a time warp, that took them all the way to Cybertron. Unknown to them, they were about to make a shocking discovery about Megatron.

1 Worst: Carnage in C-Minor (5.6)

The Decepticons began constructing engines on a comet in order to control it and crash it into Metroplex. As they were busy doing their evil work, some of the Autobots led by Perceptor ambushed them. Galvatron wasn’t too happy about it.

During the battle, the engines were damaged. dismay. The comet thus began to move towards a tiny planet, which apparently had inhabitants. Luckily, the comet was destroyed and the warring factions dropped to the surface of the planet.

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