The Only 6 Make-Up Products I’ve Really Used Since March

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Funny enough, however, today’s story isn’t about all the amazing products or application tricks I’ve picked up over the years. In fact, it’s actually quite the opposite because since about mid-March when New York suddenly entered a period of quarantine and life as we know it changed within a matter of days, I’ve had to use very little of them. Turns out you don’t need that many makeup products to stay home, go for walks, and socialize distantly behind a mask! Nevertheless, the few items I have found myself using have really become the heroes of my vanity.

Just using one or two of them gives me the pick-me-up I need when I’m feeling uninspired at home, and as a set, they help me achieve a simple and natural look on those rarer occasions when I do go “out.” Curious as to what they are yet? Below you’ll find a breakdown of the only six makeup products I’ve really found myself applying since March, along with my pick for each section and the recommendations of Who What Wear’s very own beauty editors, Erin Jahns and Courtney Higgs. Just keep scrolling to get started.

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