The Foundation Mistake a Lot of Us Make and What to Do About It

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With that in mind, when you’re searching for a new foundation, Ali has some tips for both online and in-store experiences. Online is a bit trickier than in-store, but you most likely only have that option right now. “It is really a guessing game when it comes to choosing the right shade,” Ali says. “Usually, foundations are categorized by tone and undertone. Tone is fair, light, deep, rich, etc., and the undertone is the hidden color of your skin, which could be warm, warm olive, peach, yellow, red, etc. If you know which one is your tone and which one is your undertone, then you might actually win the game.”

If you’re able to shop in-store right now, you might not be able to test the products. Ali says that you can make it work by bringing a foundation with you that’s already a perfect match. “Apply that on the back of your hand, and then go check out some new foundations, and see which one resembles the one you already have,” she suggests.

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