The Batman: First Footage Reportedly Debuting At DC FanDome

The first footage from Matt Reeves’ The Batman will reportedly debut at DC FanDome. Following Ben Affleck’s exit from The Batman as the writer, director, and star, Reeves was put in charge of what will be a new era for the Dark Knight. The upcoming movie will star Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, who reportedly is early on in his superhero career during the film. Fans have grown increasingly excited by the possibility of Reeves and Pattinson’s collaboration, especially with each new look at The Batman.

Reeves surprised fans earlier this year when he shared a video of Pattinson in the new Batsuit prior to production beginning. It wasn’t until cameras started rolling on The Batman, though, that a complete look at Pattinson’s Batsuit arrived thanks to some set photos. These unofficial looks at the suit were then followed by Reeves unveiling the new Batmobile. Through just a few images and a video, Reeves has already given fans a glimpse of what The Batman will look and feel like. But, now some actual footage might be on the way.

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The Batman will have a panel at DC’s virtual event DC FanDome on August 22nd and it received a prime spot to close out the night. The official description of the panel teases fans will be treated to a few surprises, which could range from casting to new images. But according to The Wrap, it sounds like the first footage from the movie will also be part of the panel. The article notes that “Reeves joins host Aisha Tyler to talk it up and treat fans to some new footage.” Footage from The Batman was not promised to come in DC FanDome’s description of the panel, though, so it is not confirmed that any will arrive.

Even though The Batman won’t be in theaters for more than a year after a delay to October 2021, there should be plenty of footage available to Reeves to cut something together. The movie completed seven weeks of production prior to it getting shut down due to coronavirus, and The Wrap notes that it has 11 weeks to go. With close to half of the filming process done on The Batman and most of the main cast members confirmed to have filmed scenes, its possible a sizzle reel could be assembled already.

Since the tease of footage from The Batman is still unconfirmed, it would be best for fans to keep expectations in check. If Reeves does show footage of the movie at DC FanDome, a proper teaser trailer dropping might be unlikely. It’s even possible that the footage the source refers to could be another costume reveal video for Zoë Kravtiz’s Catwoman or any of the film’s villains. But, with The Batman positioned as one of the last major panels of DC FanDome, footage from one of DC’s most highly anticipated films would be a great and smart way to cap off the event.

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Source: The Wrap

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