Supergirl Once Dated Her Kryptonian Horse (Seriously)

It would be an understatement to say that the Silver Age of Comics Books was weird. In the race to outsell their competitors, DC Comics became infamous for outrageous covers and trend-chasing gimmicks. One of the silliest was undoubtedly Superman’s wide stable of pets. Though DC is keen to let readers forget all of them except for Krypto, Superman also had a pet monkey and a pet cat. One of the most outrageous though came from the Man of Steel’s cousin. Comet the Superhorse has the unique and horrifying honor of having dated both Supergirl and Lois Lane.

Comet debuted in 1962 as a member of the Legion of Super-Pets along with Krypto the Superdog, Beppo the Supermonkey, and Streaky the Supercat. Comet was originally a centaur named Biron from ancient Greece who longed to be fully human. After saving the sorcerer Circe from a rival wizard, the enchantress agreed to brew a potion that would turn Biron into a human. Unfortunately, Circe’s rival managed to switch out Circe’s potion for one that turned Biron into a white horse. Circe then brewed another potion that gave Biron strength, speed, wisdom, telepathy, and immortality. The rival wizard was so angry about this that he teleported Biron to an asteroid where he would be trapped for centuries. When the rocket which brought Supergirl to Earth blasted through Biron’s asteroid, he followed Supergirl to Earth.

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On Earth, Biron used his telepathic abilities to contact Supergirl in her dreams and warn her of an alien invasion. It was in her dreams that Supergirl would rename the Superhorse Comet. After fending off the alien invasion, Comet would go on a handful of adventures both with and without Supergirl. The turning point for both Comet and Supergirl would come when they saved the alien planet Zerox. As thanks, the planet’s emperor granted Comet’s wish to be human, but with a catch. Comet would only become human after a comet passed through the solar system. When it did, Comet would become a human named Bill Starr. All of this was unbeknownst to Supergirl.

When the duo finally returns to Earth, Comet transforms into a human as Supergirl flies back to her house. Not sure what else to do, Comet joins a rodeo and takes the name Bronco Bill. In the morning Supergirl searches for Comet but is shocked when she can’t find him. After a psychic friend detects him at the rodeo, Supergirl investigates. She saves Bill from a rampaging bull and, not realizing his true identity, makes out with him.

Supergirl would go on to be romantically involved with her horse once more. On Valentine’s Day, Bill saves Supergirl in her civilian identity as she falls off a cliff. The two proceed to go on a date where Supergirl even uses her heat vision to carve their names into a tree. The date would end with a group of bandits attempting to attack the couple. Bill decides to contact Circe from the past and begs her to turn him into Superhorse once again so he can save Supergirl. The two stand on a cliff where Supergirl wishes to see Bill once again.

Lucky for readers, Comet would not date Supergirl ever again. In between his appearances in the pages of Supergirl, Comet would appear as Bill in Lois Lane’s comic where the two briefly dated. Obviously these comics have aged poorly, and not just because Supergirl dated a horse. The fact that Comet repeatedly kept his true identity secret from Supergirl feels gross in an era when people are having important conversations about the portrayal of consent in media. Comet’s inner monologue where he lusts after Supergirl in his horse form comes across as incredibly creepy. Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents either as Supergirl would go on to date her high school science teacher.

As absurd as the idea of Supergirl dating her horse sounds, it is undeniably a product of its time. Superheroes might be the most well-known genre of comic book but romance was once an equally important pillar of the industry. Even Superman was just as often a romance book focussing on the love triangle between Superman, Lois Lane, and Lana Lang. Combining the fad of super pets with the popularity of romance is ridiculous but almost certainly sold a lot of comics. Given the history of Comet the Superhorse, readers can be thankful the character was wiped from continuity with Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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