Star Citizen Shows Off Squadron 42 Motion Capture – And New $90 Ship

Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen has released motion capture footage for Squadron 42, as well as a new $90 ship. The game has been in development since 2010 and has been stuck in a perpetual testing state, with no commercial release for the game anywhere in sight. Star Citizen is one of the most expensive games ever developed, with over $300 million accumulated in its crowdfunding efforts.

For all its expenses, however, the game’s backers have expressed frustration with its many moratoriums, including its most recent roadmap delay. Despite ongoing setbacks, Star Citizen added a new weapon type and ship updates over a week ago, showing investors it’s still committed to churning out content, though it remains in a beta state. With its vast financial wells, the game remains one of the most ambitious projects in the gaming industry.

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Continuing to tease content, Cloud Imperium Games released footage on the official Star Citizen YouTube channel showcasing Squadron 42 motion capture and a new $90 ship. The footage features the ship in the beginning, known as the Avian Aggressor. The ship looks like a metallic starling and was created with agility in mind, able to shine through the use of guerrilla tactics – striking quickly before darting away. The motion capture is complete with actors clothed in rigged gray suits going through character motions and running through in-game dialogue. Animations from ducking in and out of cover to crouching and head gestures are portrayed.

Star Citizen is far from its infancy. For a game that began development in 2010 to still be in a glorified beta state is beyond frustrating for not only its backers, but also average gamers who want to get their hands on a commercial release. Its ships are beautiful, and gameplay appears engaging, like something out of Star Wars’ space battles. However, without a full, official release anywhere in sight, it’s no wonder the consensus among the gaming community is the game will never leave its beta state.

Such an ambitious project is worthy of the spotlight, especially given it’s received over $300 million in crowdfunding. For Cloud Imperium Games to be tackling the project independent of a multi-billion-dollar publisher and the assets such partnerships offer is impressive. This independence and drive, however, don’t make up for the frequent, lengthy delays and utter lack of much tangible progress that doesn’t come with a caveat that essentially amounts to “beta contents are subject to change.” Hopefully, the studio will start to balance ambition with progress and deliver a version of Star Citizen that fans can consider complete sometime this century.

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Star Citizen will be available on PC.

Source: Cloud Imperium Games

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