Rick & Morty: 10 Burning Questions Fans Still Have After The Season 4 Finale

It took Rick and Morty over two years to come up with its phenomenal Season 4, making the long wait well worth the time. Although this season was criticized for its disjointed narrative and dilute character development, it still carries the overall story forward, even if at a glacial pace.

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The finale episode, “Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri” (a pun so obvious it’s insulting to explain), included some of the most mind-bending sequences in series history — specifically the animesque battle between Rick Sanchez and the creepily modified Phoenixperson. As always, the show ends on an emotional cliffhanger, leaving fans desperately wondering about a number of unexplained plot threads.

10 How Important Is Summer, Really?

Seasons 2 & 3 had Summer go on several adventures with her Grandpa Rick; her presence in the narrative kept increasing the more he realizes that his granddaughter is a lot like him. Then Season 4 comes along, and she is once again relegated to whining that Rick and Morty don’t include her in their fun.

On the other hand, the opening credits sequence shows Rick, Morty, and Summer trying to escape the clutches of the much-discussed “Cthulhu”, while Summer holds a baby “Cthulhu” in her lap. Does this mean her arc is yet to begin? Nobody knows.

9 What Happened In Rick’s Past?

Rick is violently secretive about his youth, which is not surprising, given his generally antisocial tendencies. But the fact that he consistently refuses to discuss his abandonment of Beth, the war against the Galactic Federation, or even his conflicting memories of Morty have resulted in several conspiracy theories.

To answer questions about Rick’s background is futile, especially in a series that has made hallucinogenic comedy into an art form. Who is Rick? Which Rick is the one shown to audiences? Why does Evil Morty want to hurt him?

8 Is The Galactic Federation Still A Thing?

Rick singlehandedly destroys the Galactic Federation Prison along with the Citadel of Ricks, taking out two birds with one measly act of teleportation. The Galactic President, obviously a Gromflomite, commits suicide when their currency collapses, following which the whole thing pretty much self-destructs.

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In the finale, however, Tammy Guterman reveals that a militia arose from the various fragments of the Federation, forming itself into The New Galactic Federation. She further claims that the new leaders don’t consider Rick a threat, given their young age and common sense.

7 Does Diane Sanchez Even Exist?

Rick Sanchez has stuck to one story throughout his life — that he was once in love with a wonderful woman, with whom he created his favorite person in the universe, Beth. Diane Sanchez is not brought up too often, as Rick and his daughter have not fully recovered from their loss.

The thing is: What happened to her? Did she die in one of Rick’s experiments gone wrong? Did she take a different path like Space Beth? Or is she also an illusion, created by Rick to give Beth a semblance of motherhood? Whatever the case, it feels like the show is going to elaborate on this matter soon enough.

6 Are The Smiths Done With Rick?

The Smiths are actually tolerable people, but only when Rick is not around. As uncomfortable as it is to admit, Jerry had the right idea when he blamed him for bringing his dysfunctionality into their household. Just when it looks like Rick is about to change, he lapses back into his old ways of toxic detachment.

In the closing scene, none of his family cares about knowing which of the Beths is the real one — in fact, his daughters literally call him a “piece of sh*t”, while his grandkids are happy having two “badass moms.” Rick is about to lose everything that keeps him together.

5 Will Phoenixperson Ever Be Ok?

Tammy excavates Birdperson’s body in “The Rickshank Rickdemption”, and technologically modifies him into an aggressive (and far more powerful) version known as Phoenixperson. Thankfully, Jerry’s stunt saves the family from being vaporized, and Rick sneaks his old friend back to his garage on Earth.

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Phoenixperson shows no sign of returning to his original memories and tries to attack Rick every time he gets switched on. This is rather sad, not just for Rick, but for the many viewers who have grown to cherish the compassion and kind words offered by Birdperson.

4 Which Beth Is The Original?

The Smiths are unconcerned about this question, as mentioned earlier, and even Jerry finds a cheap thrill in the idea of having two wives (he wishes.) Until the last moments of “Star Mort: Rickturn of the Jerri”, the conundrum had a potential answer, but after finding out that Rick himself allowed probability to make his decision, there is no clear fan consensus in sight.

Then again, does it really matter as long as the Smiths are happy? Actually, learning the solution might drive a wedge between the family, and nobody wants that, really. Except, perhaps, the one person who could profit from such a thing.

3 Why Can’t Jerry Be Less Lame For Once?

Seriously. It’s like Jerry is genetically incapable of acting like a real human being — this raises further questions about the nature of his existence, but forget those for now.

Jerry actively follows a path that he knows will lead to failure, but some unconscious drive tells him to do stupid things like developing “Lovefinderzz” with Glootie, Rick’s alien intern; flies first class with a Talking Cat, or just generally says and does inane things. He is obviously a parody of fatherhood, although exaggerated to the worst extent possible. Just… be cool, Jerry.

2 What Was With The Talking Cat?

One of the major twists in the fourth season comes in the form of the Talking Cat, a mysterious entity that pesters Jerry to take him to Florida (apparently just to chill?) However, Rick is suspicious of any non-human with consciousness and extracts the kitty’s memories in order to view them himself.

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Shockingly, whatever he sees in there terrifies and disgusts him, almost making him barf up his meal. Anything that might cause Rick, a man who literally causes genocides and enslaves whole universes, to react in this way is a serious deal, indeed. Unless, of course, it’s some sort of elaborate joke about Spring Break.

1 Where Is Evil Morty?

Evil Morty, or rather, as he is currently known, President Morty, is at least as smart as Rick C-137, if not smarter (probably the latter.) In one of the earlier episodes, Morty views a picture of Rick holding a baby version of himself in Bidrperson’s home, but this is not possible as the whole family drama comes from Rick having vanished for twenty years.

This means that baby Morty’s identity is as yet unknown. But in “Never Ricking Morty”, Story Lord shows how Rick’s “story ends” — with Evil Morty grinning evilly at the head of a massive army. This further cements the notion that their pasts are somehow linked; or, in other words, where the heck is Evil Morty?

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