Our Effortless Summer Wardrobe Relies On These 4 Modern Basics

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I won’t let modesty get in the way of telling you that I actually excel at finding the most stylish basics every single season. After learning a very expensive lesson about overinvesting in too-trendy items circa 2015 (the culprit: a pair of chunky platform boots I wore a total of, let’s see, maybe three times), I know that filling my wardrobe with modern, quality basics is where it’s at.

As well as keeping an eye on which trends are compatible with my more classic style (hello, new-season tops with puffy sleeves and exaggerated shoulders), I’m also a hawk for checking out the materials my clothing is made from before I buy, particularly during the summer. I live in L.A., where it gets Hot with a capital H, so when I shop, I make sure there’s a high percentage of cotton in whatever I’m buying. The same goes for my colleague, Anna LaPlaca, who recently made the move from Los Angeles to New York and is shopping for new clothes that will work for those sticky summer days in the city. Check out our staple cotton items for this summer below, aka our secret to a super-stylish wardrobe.

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