No Biggie—I’ve Just Found Your Best-Fitting Jeans to Date

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Up until four years ago, I’d never worn jeans in my adult life. And while that always shocks some people, I know there are countless others who it’ll resonate with. The reason I avoided them for so long was simple: I had no clue which pairs would suit my shape.

As a true size 12 with a 28-inch inseam and relatively big hips in comparison to my small waist, I long assumed that finding a pair would that flatter my frame was an impossible task, so I never tried. However, after years of wearing skirts and dresses, I decided enough was enough—I was hellbent on hunting down my perfect jeans, and I recruited my friends to help me.

As far as body types go, my friends and I couldn’t look more different, so it was unlikely we’d all look good in the same jeans. While we may not have found a magic pair akin to the girls in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, we were surprised to find that a few styles did look great on all of us, and they’re the pairs you’ll find below—along with a snap of myself in my favourite style; straight cut. 

Keep scrolling to see the most flattering jeans you can buy, as modelled by some denim-loving influencers.

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