Netflix’s Away Trailer: Hilary Swank Takes A 3-Year Mission To Mars

Netflix released the trailer for its new series, Away, which shows the lives and sacrifices made by the first astronauts to venture on a three-year mission to Mars. Away was created by Andrew Hinderaker, with Parenthood‘s Jason Katims as executive producer and Jessica Goldberg as showrunner. A teaser trailer for the show was released earlier this year, but it revealed very little about the show’s plot.

Away stars two time Oscar winner Hilary Swank as Astronaut Emma Green, a former Navy pilot who leads the show’s international crew of Astronauts. The rest cast of Away includes Mark Ivanir, Ato Essandoh, Ray Panthaki, and Monique Curnen as the astronaut crew, with Josh Charles and Talitha Bateman as Emma’s husband and daughter. This isn’t the first time Netflix has explored the troubles of space travel – the series Lost In Space is entering its third (and final) season – but Away feels like a much more somber affair.

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The Away trailer paints a much darker picture of space travel and focuses on the separation anxiety felt by Swank’s astronaut Emma Green.  Emma and the rest of her crew are eager to be the first people on Mars, but this excitement is juxtaposed with the revelation that Emma feels guilty for leaving her family behind on Earth. She finds out she’s not alone with this guild when a fellow astronaut (Ato Essandoh) asks her if she thinks she is the only one who is haunted by the sacrifices they made to be part of the mission. Check out the dramatic first trailer below:

The trailer gives the audience a glimpse of what the astronauts and their families’ lives will be like as the crew venture into the unknown. As they delve deeper into space, they are faced with challenges unlike any they encountered on Earth. The stress and strain they endure each day cause the characters to miss their families and lives back home, even as they tackle obstacles in space.

With audiences always in search of the next great show to watch, Away seems like a worthy candidate. The trailer promises emotional drama, science fiction elements, epic adventures in space, and a captivating cast. Away’s premise of a three-year mission to Mars will hopefully provide audiences with at least three seasons worth of drama. With a pandemic that has isolated many people around the world, Away could provide an escape from the trials and tribulations of the day to day life when it hits the streaming service on September 4, 2020.

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