Marvel Theory: Eternals Will Reveal MCU’s Atlantis (Before It Sank)

Marvel might reveal the MCU’s Atlantis sooner than anticipated by displaying the traditional metropolis earlier than it sank in Eternals. Atlantis is a significant location in Marvel Comics, and one of many many corners of the Marvel Universe that hasn’t been explored but. Within the comics, it is the house of one in every of Marvel’s oldest superheroes, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and a race of blue-skinned, water-breathing humanoids referred to as Atlanteans.

Namor and Atlantis have been hinted at prior to now, however up to now Marvel has averted confirming its existence within the MCU. There are rumors that it might seem in Black Panther 2, however earlier than that occurs, Marvel might dive into the origins of this underwater civilization in its second Part four movie, Eternals. Directed by Chloe Zhao, the upcoming cosmic epic is predicted to discover the historical past of the MCU by focusing its consideration on a race of super-powered, alien immortals. These immortals, often called Eternals, have shared the Earth with humanity for hundreds of years and have by some means managed to maintain their presence a secret.

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By visiting ancient civilizations like Babylon and that includes occasions that passed off centuries prior to now, Eternals will present audiences who these mysterious characters are and what they have been doing. The film is confirmed to span hundreds of years, so there’s all types of historic moments that Eternals might incorporate into its story. One of many civilizations it might function is Atlantis, however that does not imply the movie must embody underwater scenes with Namor’s individuals. As an alternative, Eternals might present what brought about Atlantis to sink within the first place. Additionally, relating this disaster would not simply be a manner of organising Namor; the comics have revealed how Atlantis can tie in with the movie’s story.

Atlantis sunk practically 20,000 years in the past in an occasion that has been referred to as the Nice Cataclysm. Throughout this time, humanity was being threatened by Lemuria, a area populated by Deviants. The Deviants are a genetic off-shoot of mankind who had been created by the Celestials in the identical experiment that gave delivery to the Eternals. In contrast to the proper, god-like Eternals, the Deviants had been a grotesque failure. The Deviants, a war-like race, launched a variety of assaults on numerous civilizations, together with Atlantis. On the time, Atlantis was dominated by a person named King Kamuu.

The Deviants invaded Atlantis, and Kamuu was determined to cease them at any value. His secret weapon in opposition to them was a tool referred to as the Serpents’ Heads, which unleashed the magma from the Earth. This counter assault was successful, because the Deviants died in a wave of fireside and molten lava. What Kamuu did not know was that his actions had extreme penalties for Atlantis itself. Earthquakes erupted throughout Atlantis, and the state of affairs was made worse by a distinct battle that was unfolding with the Deviants. The Celestials had been making a go to to Earth, and the Deviants, fast to view them as a risk, attacked them. The Celestials hit Lemuria exhausting, and brought about it to sink deep into the ocean. The wide-reaching results of the Celestials’ assault mixed with what the earthquakes had been already doing to Atlantis brought about it to sink as properly.

1000’s of years later, a species of water-breathing creatures developed. This was supposedly the results of each evolution and experiments performed by Deviant scientists. These individuals occupied the sunken metropolis of Atlantis and shaped the empire that Namor at the moment leads in Marvel Comics.

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Setting the stage for a correct introduction to Atlantis may very well be a superb factor for Marvel to do in Eternals, particularly because the legendary metropolis might have a job to play in Marvel’s future. Atlantis was deliberately referenced in Avengers: Endgame. Namor is closely rumored to be the primary villain in Black Panther 2 and may very well be Physician Unusual 2’s thriller character. If both of those theories about Namor’s MCU debut is true, Marvel is about to introduce an entire new superior civilization. Moreover, they’re unlikely to look in just one film. As arguably the largest property no Marvel film has used, it is exhausting to think about Namor being a personality Marvel will solely make the most of as soon as. In any case, Namor has headlined his personal comedian for years and there is not any scarcity of tales Marvel can pull from. Plus, Namor has held a number of roles within the comics. He could be a villain, a hero, an anti-hero, or a supporting character; however making Namor simply the villain of Black Panther 2 can be an enormous waste of his potential. Namor may very well be a villain at first, and be reused later as the primary character in his personal film, or as a member of a superhero staff.

An underwater metropolis full of blue-skinned warriors who can breathe underwater and a person with wings his ankles will definitely take a while explaining, and one of the simplest ways to introduce one thing as essential as Atlantis could also be to do it slowly, as an alternative of working all of it into Black Panther 2. Marvel can accomplish this by means of Eternals. Eternals presents a uncommon alternative for Marvel, as a result of its setting provides them an opportunity to play with all types of various locations and time durations. A flashback to historical Atlantis would work in Eternals, and what makes this state of affairs even higher is that it matches neatly what is thought of the story. The Eternals synopsis has confirmed that Ikaris (Richard Madden), Thena (Angelina Jolie), and all of the others can be up in opposition to the Deviants, who’re being described as “mankind’s most historical enemy“. What higher method to illustrate this level than to indicate a complete metropolis sinking due to the Deviants?

To show how harmful the Deviants are to the planet, the film can go into how they ruthlessly attacked human civilizations and introduced destruction in every single place they went. If the Deviants are certainly the primary villains, incorporating a comic book ebook correct historical past of their race seems like the fitting path for Marvel’s Eternals. A flashback that appears at these occasions might additionally clarify why the Deviants’ stronghold, Lemuria, is beneath the ocean. Marvel can present that each cities had been sunk by the identical cataclysm. Marvel might go a bit additional within the present-day storyline if it consists of scenes in Lemuria. relationship between the trendy variations of Atlantis and Lemuria might exist within the MCU, and this may very well be the topic of a enjoyable tease within the film.

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