Kate Middleton Just Brought Back Last Summer’s Popular Dress Trend

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Sometimes, the emergence of certain fashion trends is so obvious you can’t ignore it, such as this summer’s explosion of tie-dye on everything. (Thanks in no small part to the TikTok set.) But when digging deeper, it helps to get some cold, hard data on what people are really buying and searching for. To that end, inspired by Kate Middleton’s newest outfit, I researched the popularity of one print in particular: polka dot. 

According to Google Trends, during the last five years, the search term “polka dot dresses” peaked in July 2019. Now, Kate Middleton is convincing me to give it another try this summer. Polka dots are certainly nothing new, but it’s a trend that’s definitely cyclical and goes in and out of mass popularity. Given its time in the spotlight last summer, and now with the duchess’ approval in 2020, I have a feeling it’s primed to skyrocket again. Scroll down to see Kate Middleton’s polka dot dress and shop the trend at affordable prices. 

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