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Coming soon: Insider Audio is proud to present “Insider Edge,” an interview series with experts from throughout the business world on how to succeed, strategize, and just survive in the workplace. New episodes will be released weekly starting August 4.

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Premiering August 4: ‘On the Job’

How do you nail a job interview over Zoom? What questions should you ask if you’re laid off? What qualities are important in a mentor? Host Charlie Herman sits down with experts in management, consulting, and leadership to discuss the best tips for accelerating your career and building a better workplace along the way.

More about our host:

Herman is the host of Business Insider’s “Brought to you by…” podcast. Previously, he was the business and culture editor at WNYC and worked at ABC News in various positions in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, DC.

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“Insider Edge” is produced by Julia Press. Sarah Wyman is our executive producer.

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