I’m 57, and My Daughter Is 23—We Both Are Into These 7 Basics

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Los Angeles–based, 55-year-old influencer Melissa Meyers is often a go-to for top-notch style inspiration. Given this, we cover her sartorial choices on the regular, including this breakdown of the dress trends she covets. Meyers also has a 23-year-old daughter, Rachel Meyers, who is highly fashion-forward. And while age clearly should have absolutely nothing to do with your style choices, we thought it could be of interest to ask the duo to share the specific pieces they each deem as closet essentials to get a sense of the crossover.

Interestingly enough, there were seven next-level basics that both Meyers women swear by to create their well-rounded wardrobes. As they mentioned, these are their “absolute staples right now.” To highlight these versatile items further, we’re showcasing their go-to basics with a bit of visual inspiration and testimonial from them as well. If you’re shopping at the moment, you’ll also uncover inspired picks that would work for anyone at any age. Because remember: Age is just a number.

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