If You’ve Never Bought These 7 Dress Trends, Now Is the Time to Start

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At first, the thought of purchasing a “trendy dress” might sound like an unwise investment. After all, everyone knows it’s generally safest to stick to the classics if you’re looking to buy something for the long haul, and dresses are not something you want to cast aside after just one season. However, the trends I’m about to call out for this summer are likely a far cry what you probably have in mind when hearing the aforementioned phrase. Yes, they’re trendy, but they’re also not too trendy. As someone who has admittedly simple style and would rather err on the side of boring than too out-there, you can trust me on this one. From throwback necklines to flattering textures, the frocks you’re about to see below feel both of-the-moment and for-the-future. To see what I mean and, of course, shop all seven of the trending dress styles for yourself, just keep scrolling.

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