I Wasn’t Very Good at Eyeliner Until I Tried This $26 Product

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If we lived in a perfect world I would say that I line my eyes every day with my new holy-grail eyeliner and I’m now a genius at it. Well, the world is far from perfect, but I will say that the eyeliner doesn’t make me dread putting on eye makeup anymore, and I get a little excited to use it when I do decide to go all out. I no longer consider myself “bad” at eye makeup, more like adequate (and honestly that’s okay for me). Plus, it cuts my feelings of impatience and frustration in half (maybe even three-quarters, but I AM human).

All of this is to say I’ve found the product that actually makes my makeup routine a little more joyful, so thank you, gel eyeliner. I don’t think I’ll ever go back. And if my long treatise on the subject has left you intrigued, I’ve rounded up some more gel eyeliner picks below:

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