I Refuse to Wear Anything But These 8 Pieces When It’s Over 90 Degrees

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There’s always that turning point in summer when it goes from 75° and sunny (and carrying a light cardigan “just in case” is entirely acceptable) to 90° and sweaty. Well, that point is here, and I can’t say I’m not a little bummed about it. At this phase of summer, my outfits revolve less around the trends I’d like to wear and more, if not entirely, around the weather.

Since I grew up in Arizona, where it’s not uncommon to see temps in the 100s, I’ve had years of trial and error when it comes to dressing for really hot days… lots and lots of error. Now that I have this whole hot-day-dressing thing down, it’s only fair I share my practical picks with all of you. There are eight specific items I rely on for over 90° weather to create my summer outfits. Oh, and you won’t sacrifice on style one bit—that you can trust me with.

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