How to Upgrade Your Hoe in Summer in Mara

In Summer in Mara, the player will use their hoe a lot to collect resources, and it would only make sense for them to want to upgrade said hoe. An upgraded hoe will allow the player to collect even more resources with every use, but it may take some time to get to the point when the hoe can be upgraded. There are several quests that will need to be completed before the player will be ready for an upgrade.

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The improved hoe is one of the first tools that players can upgrade in Summer in Mara. This upgrade not only allows players to harvest more resources but also allows them to harvest rare resources. This will make the rest of the game a little easier, and will also allow the player access to items they were not able to obtain before. Unlike other tools, the hoe only has two tiers of progression, and this guide will teach players where and how to upgrade their hoe.

Before the player can upgrade their hoe they will need to progress through the game’s main storyline a bit. Player’s will need to reach the island of Qalis where they will be met with as hearty amount of new quests given to the player by NPCs. The player can disregard these quests for now as they will need to focus on Koa’s quest which is the main questline. The player will need to find the NPC named Caleb and ask for his help to upgrade the player’s hoe.

In order to complete this task, the player will need to make their way to the lighthouse where Yaya Haku will agree to speak with the player only after they have completed tasks for different citizens around the island. These are remedial fetch quests that won’t take long to complete. When Yaya Haku gives the player the quest to bring Saimi her flower, they will also be able to speak with Caleb to obtain the recipe for an improved hoe. Caleb will ask the player to grow 2 carrots and 3 lettuce, which isn’t necessary if the player already has these items.

Once Caleb is given his veggies he will give the player the improved hoe recipe. The improved hoe requires five wood and five metal. Players will need to harvest these materials and bring them to their home where they are able to use recipes to upgrade their tools.

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Summer In Mara is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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