How to Find (& Catch) The Tiger Prawn in Animal Crossing

Since the summer Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, anglers and collectors have been busy building their collection of sea creatures they can capture by diving to the bottom of the ocean surrounding their island. Many of these new creatures are worth a large amount of in-game currency, and they can also be added to the Fish Gallery in the Museum.

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Players may find some of these creatures elusive and hard to catch, but the Tiger Prawn should give them a bit less trouble. They’re worth a decent 3,000 bells each, and they don’t move as fast as some of the other deep-sea critters. They do, however, only appear during the night, so players looking to complete their collections will want to plan for a little late-night gaming. Here’s how to find and catch the Tiger Prawn.

The Tiger Prawn is a small- to medium-sized crustacean in Animal Crossing: New Horizons named for its unique striped pattern. Like other fish, it will appear as a shadow, though its shadow will be rounded like the other sea creatures.

The Tiger Prawn can only be found in the Northern hemisphere from June to September. There is no word yet when it will be available in the Southern hemisphere. It is only active in the evenings and nights from 4 p.m. until 9 a.m., making it the perfect catch for nighttime players.

Tiger Prawns move more slowly than some of the other sea creatures. It doesn’t lunge and instead moves forward at a consistent pace. This makes it a bit easier to capture if a player doesn’t get quite close enough to it before diving.

Once a player sees a small shadow during the Tiger Prawn’s active hours, they should equip their Wet Suit and jump into the water. As with all sea creatures, players will see bubbles rising to the surface that indicate the creature is nearby. The Tiger Prawn’s bubbles appear slowly and very spaced out, giving players a subtle way to tell when the shadow they see might be a Tiger Prawn.

To catch the Tiger Prawn, players will want to swim as close to the bubbles as possible. Though the Tiger Prawn isn’t terribly fast, because there is no way to know from the shadows whether a sea creature will be slower or faster, players should always approach slowly to avoid scaring off any rarer critters. Once a player is very close to or on top of the bubbles, they will need to press Y to dive down and retrieve the creature.

Tiger Prawns can be sold at Nook’s Cranny for 3,000 bells each. Because they aren’t very fast, large, or rare, they can be one good way for players to farm bells for their next major island upgrade.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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