Google Pixel 5 Size & Refresh Rate Rumor

Although Google hasn’t revealed too many details about the upcoming Pixel 5, there have been a host of rumors online from reputable sources about the capabilities and design of the new device. Google has historically waited to reveal information about its upcoming Pixel devices until the release date is close, but details still get leaked online from time to time.

The Pixel 5 would serve as the successor to the Pixel 4 in Google’s mobile phone line of products. Google released the Pixel 4 in October 2019, which is normally when the tech company releases its new phone(s) in anticipation of the holiday shopping season. Although the reviews for the Pixel 4 were solid, the sales numbers were less so. As sales for the Pixel 4 slowed further, Google announced the release of the Pixel 4a, a scaled-down version that comes with a more reasonable starting price.

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DisplaySearch and DSCC analyst, Ross Young, reported on Twitter that the new phone will stand at 6.67 inches and will be manufactured by Samsung Display and BOE. Young also said that the device’s display will support 120Hz. Although these details are not confirmed, Young has a reputation for reporting industry news accurately. Earlier this week, Google slipped in a few details about the new Pixel 5 during an announcement for the Pixel 4a. The Pixel 5 is currently slated to be released during the fall, although Google has not confirmed exactly when during the season. However, in a more recent follow up Tweet, Young also suggested the new phone is likely to launch in around sixty days from now.

If the suggestions by Young are correct, then the Pixel 5 represents an immediate upgrade when compared to the Pixel 4. At a reported 6.67 inches, the Pixel 5 would surpass the Pixel 4, considering the current Pixel phone measures in at 5.7 inches. In fact, this would make the Pixel 5 the largest phone ever released as part of the Google Pixel phone line. Even the larger Pixel 4 XL at 6.3 inches is smaller than the reported Pixel 5 size. Meanwhile, the suggested 120Hz refresh rate also represents an improvement, compared to the 90Hz available with the Pixel 4. Finally, as the Pixel 5 is already confirmed to come with 5G capabilities, that too will be a notably upgrade over the Pixel 4.

With these reported specs, the Pixel 5 has the potential to be the greatest phone that Google has ever released. Given the sales hurdle the Pixel line often faces, the anticipation of the Pixel 5 could help to boost sales for Google’s hardware division. Something the company has routinely struggled with, as it is often faced with competing against the latest Galaxy Note smartphone and the newest iPhone, which both typically are released around the same time as the latest Google Pixel phone.

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Source: Ross Young/Twitter

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