Google Has Removed The Weather App For Some Pixel Owners

Some Pixel owners are reporting that the weather app that is baked inside the Google app, has disappeared.

This results in tapping on the weather from your home screen and being taken to a webpage that searches for the weather in your area. Rather than the weather app.

It appears to be happening to those on the beta version of the Google app. So the best way to get it back currently is to unenroll in the beta program and update the app. However, some that are not in the beta, are still missing the weather app.

This isn’t an OS issue either, as some are still on the July update with the weather app being missing. While others are on the August update and some are on Android 11 Beta with the issue.

Another group of users are reporting that the weather is not showing at all in the Google widget on their home page. Which is even more troublesome, as it looks like Google might be looking to get rid of the weather portion of the Google app.

Google could be testing removing the weather app

While not confirmed – and Google would never confirm this anyways – this could be a test. Where Google is testing the removal of the weather app from its app.

If it is, and enough people express their displeasure, Google may add it back and leave it alone.

Google does tests like this all the time, and sometimes the changes stick, but most of the time they do not. The point of the testing is to see whether or not users like the changes before rolling it out to the billions of Android devices out there.

But this could also just be a bug, as some people on reddit are speculating.

While Google’s weather app isn’t the best out there, it is simple, and much more elegant than seeing the weather in Google search results. Google could take some hints from Dark Sky – which Apple now owns and is no longer available on Android. Which was one of the best weather apps ever made. It would be nice to see Google add a radar to its weather app, but that likely won’t happen.

Hopefully this does turn out to be nothing more than a bug. And the weather app within the Google app returns to everyone’s Pixel. It does seem that this is only happening with Pixel devices right now though, which is strange and does lead us to believe it is just a bug.

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