Gears 5 S4: Storefront Gets Big Changes And Fan-Favorite Character Returns

Season 4 of Gears 5 is here, and it marks the return of a character that fans have been waiting for. Since release, Gears 5 has been expanding its roster across the Gears of War universe, as well as making quick stops in the worlds of Halo, WWE, and The Terminator for good measure. The last season, subtitled Gridiron, brought Queen Myrrah, Augustus Cole, and the entire Carmine clan to the proceedings alongside a new Gridiron mode for multiplayer. Although only teased, the new operation entitled Brothers In Arms is sure to be just as packed with characters and bonuses for dedicated chainsaw junkies.

The next season will also bring big changes to the way Gears 5 players acquire cosmetic items in multiplayer. In the past, Gears 5 had a supply drop system that was similar to loot boxes or booster packs. Players got randomized rewards that included lots of small-time items among a few rarer acquisitions. There were also several currencies to keep track of and a totem system where players earned new characters through completing various in-game challenges. It was a lot of fluff to get to the part where you’re landing Longshot headshots from across the map with your favorite Gear.

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In a blog post released earlier today, the team at The Coalition confirmed that a lot of that fluff was going by the wayside. Supply Drops are now a thing of the past, following a trend in AAA gaming to stray away from loot box systems. That also means the end of the supplementary “scrap” currency, replaced by something called Gears Coins. Players of every mode in Gears 5 will earn these coins, and they can use them to purchase a wide range of cosmetics in the newly expanded store.

Best of all, if you unlock a character skin through the game’s battle pass-esque Tour of Duty, you immediately unlock the character alongside it without any additional hurdles to jump. For those crazy enough to fill out the entire Tour before the next Operation begins, the team has added infinite coin rewards in a new Legends rank, letting players line their pockets in anticipation of the next refresh. And even lapsed players have some incentive to return, as any currency they’ve earned previously will convert automatically to the new coins system.

Enough economics, what new characters are coming to the game in just a week’s time? As hinted by the name Brothers In Arms, the teaser trailer reveals that Dom, the original co-op partner of Marcus Fenix, is returning to Gears multiplayer this season. That’s all that’s known for sure as far as new content, although previous seasons have brought new game types, maps, and character skins. Players should expect a similar haul this time out, especially considering the focus on the new way to unlock cosmetic goodies.

It seems that more and more games like Gears 5 are trying to copy the successful monetization schemes of titans like Fortnite, and that’s nothing but a good thing. While it’s always nice when a game like Marvel’s Spider-Man recalls that player skins used to be an unlockable bonus, creating a successful deathmatch game in 2020 means providing a long stretch of goodies to unlock. Players need a reason to return night after night, and the more choice they have in what they’re spending their time unlocking, the happier they’ll likely be.

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