For 20 Years, His Firm Called Him Antoine. Now Mohamed Is Suing.

Mr. Amghar, who is meticulously organized, has kept business cards, pay stubs, emails, contracts, security clearance documents, awards, and more, all featuring the name “Antoine.”

And while there is no record of the November 1996 interview, Mr. Amghar bristles at the suggestion that he would have intentionally put himself in the awkward position of using two different names.

He was once stopped at an airport because his passport didn’t match tickets booked by the company. In meetings or emails, senior managers sometimes used Antoine while colleagues used Mohamed. On pay slips, he was ‘‘Mohamed Antoine.’’ One award from 2010 even used ‘‘Antoine (Mohamed) Amghar.’’

Mr. Amghar’s closest colleagues quickly learned the truth. But others said they were stunned to discover, months or even years after first meeting him, that Antoine was, in fact, Mohamed.

Raoul Tardy, a retiree who worked for Intergraph in Norway from 1991 to 2015, said that Mr. Amghar was introduced to him as Antoine. For several years, that was the name he used on the phone or at meetings.

“In the phone directory, it was Antoine. On the business card, it was Antoine. On the organizational chart, it was Antoine. It was Antoine everywhere,” Mr. Tardy said.

Then, in the early 2000s on a bus ride during a company gathering in Austria, he overheard colleagues call Mr. Amghar ‘‘Momo,’’ a nickname for Mohamed. Mr. Amghar told him the truth.

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