Floor Is Lava: All The Obstacle Courses Ranked By Difficulty

The 10 episodes of Floor is Lava consisted of five different types of obstacle courses modeled after rooms that may be found in a house, and each having two different episodes centered around them. While every course was fun to see the many contestants run through, some were clearly more challenging than others. Here’s all five courses from season 1 of Netflix’s new game show ranked based on their death counts.

It’s not very surprising that the study is the easiest of the bunch. A lot of its platforms are couches and chairs with cushions, so it’s tougher to slip off of those than what the other courses have. The main struggle that caused the few deaths here were the wobbly canoes, but if teams know to work together well through those then even that’s not a big issue. The study is a very well designed and appealing course, but that doesn’t it’s one of the most difficult.

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What’s interesting about the kitchen is that there is one path on the course that seems relatively easy compared to most, but then the other half of the course is among the most difficult. There’s always some people who go along the left wall and then swing on the cheese to get to the end, and few failures stem from that path. Anyone who dares to attempt jumping off of the swivel chairs though is just asking to fall into the lava.

There’s no easy way for someone to launch themselves off of those chairs, yet people keep attempting it. Perhaps future contestants will learn from those mistakes if similar courses are created.

Nothing in the bedroom stands out as particularly difficult. The one twist to the course is the spinning bed, which did cause a fair amount of the deaths, but overall it seems like the most consistent and balanced course. There’s no clearly easy path to the end, and no absurdly difficult one.

Much like the study it also has a fair amount of platforms that provide soft landings and won’t be slippery, but that doesn’t mean they’re all like that. It makes sense that this course is in the middle when it comes to death counts. It had some disastrous runs as well as some very successful ones.

The basement is somewhat comparable to the kitchen in that most of the deaths seem to center around one part of the course. In this case it’s the large pyramid, and it’s more difficult for contestants to realize that they should avoid it because it’s directly in the center of the course. People are drawn to it and then only once they’ve reached the pyramid do they see that it’s extremely difficult to jump off of. On top of that, swinging off of the cargo net at the end caused a fair amount of deaths as well. Any part of any course that involves trying to swing ends up being much more difficult than the people initially thought. Contestants are better off taking the simplest path along the top and right walls here, but only one person ever committed to that route, so that’s how it ended up so high.

No surprise here. Few platforms on the planetarium course are both flat and stable. A chunk of them are spheres, which countless people would attempt to jump onto, and think for a second that they got a decent grip on it before then inevitably sliding off and into the lava. The center spaceship is much like the pyramid in the basement except it’s just as difficult to jump onto as it is to jump off of. When it was used the second time there was trap set to make the already awkwardly shaped platforms more slippery, and unlike most course it seems that the first section of the planetarium is the tougher section, so it’s hard for contestants to even find their footing to start on this course.

No part of this course is easy so it wasn’t shocking that it’s first run lead to only one person making it to the end. A few more people were successful when the course reappeared later, but that doesn’t change that the planetarium is still easily the toughest course that Floor Is Lava had to offer.

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