Fall Guys: How to Survive Fall Mountain Mode (Tips, Trick, & Strategies)

It’s the final round of Fall Guys and the hand of fate has dealt the player the game’s staple obstacle course, Fall Mountain. This obstacle course is a treacherous race to the top of a steep hill while flying objects are hurled at the player. At the top awaits a crown that players must grab to claim victory over their opponents, but only one can win.

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The main obstacle in Fall Mountain are the balls being thrown at the player. Being able to predict where the balls are headed can help tremendously when scaling the obstacle course. Cutting corners and making a b-line for the crown is a must when facing a multitude of players, but be sure to focus on those flying objects. Without further ado, here are some tips and tricks to conquer Fall Mountain in Fall Guys.

There is only one winner at the end of Fall Mountain, so players will need to be the fastest jelly bean to scale the hill. This will mean plotting a course that requires the player to dodge the least amount of balls. As previously stated, players who can predict where a ball is headed will have an easier time running up the mountain. The first instance of this is when the player is met with a see-saw. A ball will be simultaneously rolling towards the player, and the player will need to decide which side of the see-saw the ball will hit. The player can then run through the other side without making contact with the see-saw or the ball.

The next portion of the mountain is a little erratic as balls are thrown at the player at random. The quickest route to the top is through the middle, but it is also the most dangerous. I a player gets lucky and is not hit on the way up, they will have a pretty good chance to be the first to grab the crown. After the balls comes the swinging hammers which players will need to time their running so they are not hit. Getting his by a hammer is a run-ender and there is likely no coming back after that.

And lastly, the player will need to jump up small platforms and run up a curved slop to get to the crown. The player will need to wait until the crown lowers itself before attempting to grab it. And above all else, remember to press the grab button when touching the crown. If they do not they will fall and lose the race. Wait for the drop and grab.

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Fall Guys is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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