Everyone’s Talking About These 5 Trends From Chanel Couture

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Though Chanel is known for its elaborate sets, transforming the Grand Palais in Paris into everything from a seaside with sand and lapping waves to a snow-covered winter village, the latest Haute Couture collection put the designs into full focus. Without an audience attendance due to social distancing guidelines, the collection was presented digitally as a lookbook photographed by Mikael Jansson instead of a runway show. But if you’re still looking for opulence, you’ll find it in the designs by Virginie Viard.

A bit of an homage to Karl Lagerfeld, she infuses his signature rock-romanticism—a mix of voluminous gowns with stacks of rings, fuchsia tweed with smudged eyeliner. “I was thinking about a punk princess coming out of ‘Le Palace’ at dawn,” says Virginie Viard in a press release. “With a taffeta dress, big hair, feathers and lots of jewelry. This collection is more inspired by Karl Lagerfeld than Gabrielle Chanel. Karl would go to ‘Le Palace,’ he would accompany these very sophisticated and very dressed up women, who were very eccentric too.”

Among the 30 looks were five things we predict with influence fashion in 2020. Read on for the highlights from the Chanel Haute Couture 20/21 collection.

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