Every Under-$30 (Yes, Under-$30) In My Cart Right Now

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There are two types of shoppers in the world: those of us who take time to think through and consider each new purchase and those who get a rush from making a quick but thrilling new buy. Sometimes I’m the former, but most of the time I’m the latter because when I see something I like, I just know—I don’t need to think too much about it. 

Case in point, the current contents of my shopping cart. Each of the below 30 items immediately caught my eye for a specific reason, whether it was a color, print, or texture, and since they’re all rather cheap, I’m confident that there won’t be any buyers remorse in my future, regardless of how impulsive my shopping habits can be. So if you’re on a tight budget like I am or are simply curious if I could actually find stylish pieces less than $30, scroll down to pursue everything in my cart.

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