Dylan O’Brien Is Terry McGinnis In Intense Batman Beyond Fan Trailer

An intense fan-made trailer for a Batman Beyond live-action movie sees Dylan O’Brien play Terry McGinnis opposite of Michael Keaton. In the years since Batman Beyond debuted, the increasing popularity of DC movies has left fans wondering when the Bruce Tim animated show will get a live-action treatment. The series followed an older and retired Bruce Wayne training a teenager named Terry McGinnis to become the next Batman.

DC has yet to announce a Batman Beyond movie is on the way, but one could be more likely given recent developments. It was reported that Michael Keaton will return as Batman in Ezra Miller’s solo movie, The Flash. The return for Keaton will come nearly 30 years after he last played the character in Batman Returns, and fans can’t help but wonder what the future will hold. While appearances in other DCEU films is possible, many are hopeful that Keaton’s return could lead to a live-action Batman Beyond movie.

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Now, Billy Crammer has created a fan-made trailer for a Batman Beyond film featuring Keaton’s return and casts Dylan O’Brien as Terry McGinnis. The trailer uses footage from a wide variety of sci-fi and superhero movies to capture Batman Beyond‘s futuristic design. Footage used to create this trailer comes from a variety of films, such as American AssassinTron: LegacyBlade Runner 2049Spider-Man: HomecomingThe Maze Runner, and The Dark Knight Rises.

The intense trailer works best as a teaser trailer, highlighting the set up for Bruce and Terry’s story rather than any specific story points. The choice to make O’Brien Terry McGinnis is an excellent one, as long as it can be overlooked that he wouldn’t pass for 16 anymore. If this Batman Beyond trailer was for a real movie, McGinnis could be reconfigured to a college student to fit O’Brien’s age. It would also mark another collaboration between O’Brien and Keaton, as they’ve already played the mentee/mentor dynamic in American Assassin.

As much as fans want to see Keaton and some young actor star in a Batman Beyond live-action movie, it is too early to tell if it will ever happen. Details on Keaton’s return in The Flash are slim, but he has been described as a Nick Fury type character for the DC Extended Universe. After mentoring Flash, could Terry be next? It’s also unclear if Warner Bros. would want another new Batman while Robert Pattinson is still in the early stages of his stint. But, thanks to the multiverse and new platforms for content like HBO Max, maybe a Batman Beyond film could happen in the near future.

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