Drunk Elephant’s New Skin Launch Just Replaced My Favorite French Beauty Product

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I’ll try my best not to blubber and babble here, but I haven’t felt this passionate about a new beauty launch in a really long time. It’s completely woken me up from my quarantine-induced beauty coma, and honestly, I think this might be my favorite Drunk Elephant product of all time. I thought my love for my previous micellar water go-to, Bioderma’s Sensibio H20 ($15), was unshakable, but this milky elixir from Drunk Elephant just set a new standard for any and all micellar waters to come. The majority of formulas  I’ve tried pretty much feel like slippery water, and while they’re great for quickly cleaning and removing makeup, (at least, according to my dirty cotton pads), I’ve never felt like they do anything else for my skin. And frankly, I want all of my skincare products to be doing the most. E-Rase, however, feels like a true skin treatment—it’s what I’ve been waiting for. 

At first, the milky color and slightly thicker (but still slippery) consistency made me nervous, but I can’t put into words how delicate, dreamy, and silky this stuff feels on the skin. Yes, it expertly vacuums everything from your face you want vacuumed (pollution, acne-causing bacteria, makeup, etc.), but it also leaves your complexion soft, glowy, and superbly clean feeling with zero tightness or stripping. I usually wash my face three times a day—right when I get up, right after my morning run before I shower, and then before I go to bed. I’ve started using E-rase after my run in the morning and also at night to remove my makeup or daily grime before I go in with my normal evening cleanser. My skin has never felt so plush, nourished, and healthy. If I could bathe in the stuff, I would. As a beauty editor who’s job is to try as many products and formulas as possible, I feel confident saying that micellar stans and newbies alike will fall head over heels for Drunk Elephant’s latest launch.

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