Doom Patrol: What To Expect From Season 3

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Doom Patrol‘s season 2 finale.

The Doom Patrol stands poised to face new challenges as Season 2 comes to a close, but will the off-beat series see a third season?  Many questions surround the continued adventures of the World’s Strangest Heroes, even ignoring the general uncertainty in the entertainment industry due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Doom Patrol was the most successful and critically acclaimed of the original series released during the first year of the DC Universe’s existence. Despite being based on one of DC Comics’ most off-beat and obscure series, the first season found an audience passionate enough to make it the first DC Universe property to be shared with HBO Max, with its second season released to both platforms simultaneously.

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Doom Patrol has suffered as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, with the filming of the intended Season 2 finale incomplete due to work stoppages. This led to Season 2 ending on a cliff-hanger, with the team largely indisposed by The Candlemaker and Dorothy Spinner facing the seemingly invincible villain whom she helped to empower alone. Presumably, Season 3 would have to start with the intended resolution of Season 2, though it’s possible that the production delays may change whatever plans the show’s writers originally had.

With this season ending on a cliffhanger, season 3 of Doom Patrol will surely pick up right where season 2 ended, with Dorothy Spinner going to face The Candlemaker. According to Dorothy actor Abigail Shapiro, shooting on the intended final episode of Season 2 was “basically all finished with only a few scenes remaining to be shot when production was forced to stop. Presumably there was some reason why the showrunners elected to stop the season with nine complete episodes rather than try and find a way to work around the unshot scenes, as many of the superhero shows on The CW did with their season finales. Whatever their reasons, it seems likely that Doom Patrol Season 3 will open with the episode that was intended to end Season 2.

What dangers await the Doom Patrol in season 3 is anybody’s guess, as there are many great storylines from the comics the show has yet to draw upon. Depending on the availability of Alan Tudyk, Season 3 could see the return of Mr. Nobody leading a new group of villains as the chaos-minded Brotherhood of Dada. Another possibility is the return of Flex Mentallo and Danny the Tire, who seems poised to evolve into Danny the Ambulance as in the comics.

Given the continued evolution of Negative Man, it seems likely Season 3 may build to the storyline that saw Larry Trainor and the Negative Spirit bond with a doctor named Eleanor Poole, forming a new gestalt entity known as Rebis. Whatever happens in Doom Patrol season 3, it will likely be completely unexpected and undoubtedly strange.

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