Disney World Reopening Ad is Horrifying with Us Trailer Audio

Walt Disney World reopening ad becomes a horror movie thanks to the addition of the trailer audio for Jordan Peele’s Us. Disney parks in the United States have been closed since March due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The closures have been unprecedented for Disney, who has never had its theme parks closed for nearly this long before. Understandably, the company has been eager to get back to business in both Florida and California, though rising case numbers called their plans into question.

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure were both originally hoping to open July 17. However, they were forced to hold off on reopening for now, pending government approval. Meanwhile, Disney World has held onto its July 11 reopening date since late May, creating social distancing guidelines and a new pass system. Though, the idea of Disney parks reopening hasn’t been without controversy. In June, visitors petitioned Disneyland to delay its reopening. More recently, some Disney theme park employees expressed concerns about opening back up, with many front line workers even saying they’re “terrified.”

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For that reason, one fan’s edit of a video advertising Disney World’s reopening is appropriate. Twitter user Tim Satre shared the original video from Disney, featuring employees wearing masks welcoming guests back to Disney parks. However, he added the trailer audio for the 2019 horror movie Us, illustrating the potential dangers of reopening too soon. Check it out below:

Though a funny take on the ad, the edited video does effectively show why some feel reopening Disney parks is a bad idea right now. The coronavirus has proven to be unpredictable at best, forcing some businesses, like movie theaters, to push their reopening dates. Unfortunately, the effects of reopening Disney World probably won’t be felt for a couple of weeks. At that time, it will become clear if opening at this time was wise, or if Disney should have held off for longer. Disney World seemed to be prepared for its reopening with social distancing policies. However, it’s hard to know at this time if they were effective.

As a massive gathering of people from all over the world, Walt Disney World‘s reopening will provide a road map for similar places hoping to open again soon. Its success will likely also play a factor in when Disney parks in California reopen. If there isn’t a spike in cases or other issues stemming from yesterday’s reopening, then park officials for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will have evidence to convince government officials they should be allowed to reopen, too. The worst case scenario for Disney is having to close again due to reopening too soon, but it remains to be seen if the company will avoid that fate.

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