DC’s Version of Doctor Doom Was FIRST (and Dumber)

Physician Doom is taken into account one of many best comedian e-book villains ever written, however DC Comics additionally had their very own model of Physician Doom… who really turned out to be nearly the precise reverse.

Victor Von Doom was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962, and first got here into battle with the Incredible 4 in difficulty #5 of their ongoing sequence. Doom is the ruler of Latveria, who desires to beat the remainder of the world, and would come into battle with the Incredible 4, and different Marvel heroes, many occasions through the years. Doom has a longstanding rivalry with the Incredible 4’s chief Reed Richards, A.Okay.A. Mr. Incredible, and would do something to show his superiority to the one man who, again and again, defeated him. Doom is a grasp of all trades, together with know-how and magic, which makes him a risk to any of Marvel’s different nice heroes, corresponding to Iron Man or Black Panther. Although Doom has beforehand dabbled in heroism, there is no denying that the not-so-good Physician is as evil as they arrive. Nevertheless, Victor is not the one Physician to bear the title Doom, as DC themselves had a “Physician Doom,” one which predates Stan and Jack’s personal creation.

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DC’s Physician Doom was launched in 1950’s Detective Comics #158 in a narrative titled “The 1001 Trophies of Batman,” written by Edmond Hamilton and drawn by Bob Kane. This Physician Doom (who has no alter-ego or different title) shouldn’t be a scientific genius, however quite a smuggler of priceless artifacts and jewellery who has eluded Batman and Robin. The story begins with Batman and Robin reflecting on a few of their most attention-grabbing trophies of their trophy room (such because the well-known big penny and dinosaur). Their journey down reminiscence lane is interrupted, as Commissioner Gordon calls Batman to tell him that Gotham P.D. has Physician Doom cornered on the docks. When Batman and Robin arrive, Doom claims that he has carried out nothing unsuitable, and that each one his items are professional. After inspecting one, Batman deduces that it isn’t solely a pretend, however quite a replica that holds priceless jewels that Doom tried to smuggle into Gotham. Doom, preferring loss of life to defeat, makes an attempt suicide by leaping off the aspect of the docks. After awhile, Gordon and Batman determine that Doom certainly have to be useless, as he had but to emerge from the water. As thanks for defeating Doom, Gordon presents Batman a sarcophagus that Doom smuggled into Gotham as one other trophy. Nevertheless, Doom’s story is much from over.

Whereas Batman and Robin are speaking with Gordon, Dr. Doom reemerges from the water (having used his cigarette holder to breathe underwater unnoticed) and discretely hides contained in the sarcophagus. With out both of our heroes realizing it, Doom finally ends up taking a journey with Batman and Robin again to the Batcave, with the ability to breathe via the sarcophagus via the cracks across the cowl. As soon as Batman and Robin place the sarcophagus of their trophy room, Doom realizes that he has arrived in Batman and Robin’s headquarters, however is unable to go away the trophy room. Doom decides to eradicate the dynamic duo, and begins to remodel their trophies from inert objects into lethal loss of life traps. Batman receives an alert from Wayne Manor that somebody has invaded the Trophy Room (however hasn’t prompted chaos all through the remainder of the cave). When each heroes don their costumes and head to the cave, they enter the trophy room to search out no hint of anybody there. Nevertheless, that is when Physician Doom’s “grasp plan” involves fruition.

One after the other, the trophies begin attacking Batman and Robin, with the enormous penny nearly crushing Robin, and big cube nearly crushing Batman. Each Batman and Robin instantly suspect foul play, as all of their trophies have been rendered innocent within the Cave. Batman then suspects that Physician Doom has invaded the cave, as this act of sabotage occurred shortly after they introduced the sarcophagus into the Cave, and although no-one is discovered within the sarcophagus, it was nonetheless moist from Doom’s time in it. Doom then reactivates the enormous dinosaur, and as soon as Batman and Robin uncover the villain and disable the dinosaur, the villain makes his approach again to the sarcophagus. Doom then grabs a grenade (certainly one of Batman’s trophies) and throws it at Batman and Robin, hiding within the sarcophagus to guard himself from the blast. Whereas Batman makes use of a sturdy mannequin home (one other trophy from the cave) to guard himself and Robin, they discover that the sarcophagus has been sealed, with Doom within it. As a result of the sarcophagus was sealed so tightly, there have been no airholes that Doom might breathe via, thus suffocating the villain to loss of life, and although Batman and Robin have been capable of free the physique, it made the sarcophagus certainly one of their extra disturbing “trophies.”

This incarnation of Physician Doom is much from worthy of the title itself, as he makes a number of blunders all through this caper. Doom makes little effort to cover his pretend artifact from Batman, the one which held proof of his smuggling crime. Slightly than escaping from Batman and Gordon on the docks, Doom opts to cover in his personal sarcophagus, an merchandise that might certainly have ended up in police custody, if not Batman’s. Whereas turning Batman’s trophies towards him was an attention-grabbing thought, throwing a grenade at him whereas ducking for canopy was fairly bland by comparability, and in the end led to his downfall. Whereas many characters between Marvel and DC are similar to each other in some methods (such because the X-Males and Doom Patrol, or the Incredible 4 and the Challengers of the Unknown) they’ve their very own distinctive traits and powers that make every character nice in their very own proper. On this case nevertheless, this Physician Doom is objectively worse than Marvel’s Physician Doom, and shares little or no in widespread with the highly effective dictator.

Whereas DC’s Physician Doom is nothing greater than a footnote in Batman historical past, Marvel’s Physician Doom remains to be one of many all time greats, proving that there is extra to being a supervillain than having a cool title.

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