Batman Turned Martian Manhunter Into DC’s Own Human Torch

DC’s Martian Manhunter is arguably considered one of his universe’s strongest beings. Along with superhuman power, J’onn J’onzz can fly, flip intangible, learn minds, and shapeshift. His powers truly put him on stage with Superman and Surprise Lady, making him one of many Justice League’s strongest members… though Batman inevitably discovered a technique to exploit his biggest weak spot.

Like all highly effective beings, nonetheless, J’onn has an Achilles’ heel, which in his case seems to be a extreme vulnerability to fireplace. Along with having a extreme phobia to fireplace, publicity to fireplace causes him to lose focus and make it troublesome for him to even keep his bodily type. In consequence, when Batman got here up with techniques to take down the JLA’s members, he labored out a horrible technique to neutralize J’onn.

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Within the JLA storyline “Tower of Babel,” Batman’s enemy Ra’s al Ghul found the Darkish Knight’s secret plans to take down each member of the Justice League and determined to make use of it for his personal ends. R’as truly despatched his personal daughter Talia to shoot the Martian Manhunter with a missile that coated J’onn’s pores and skin in a layer of nanites. At first, J’onn appeared unhurt, however inside seconds the nanites transformed the outer layer of his pores and skin into magnesium, inflicting him to burst into flames on publicity to air.

Unusually, this was nearly equivalent to how Marvel Comics’ unique superhero The Human Torch first manifested his powers. Though most followers are accustomed to the Human Torch as a member of the Implausible 4, the primary Human Torch was an android who had the ability to burst into flames every time he got here into contact with oxygen. As a synthetic being, the Torch was unhurt by his flames and ultimately discovered find out how to management his hearth powers – turning into an early superhero who fought alongside Captain America, Bucky, and the Sub-Mariner.

Sadly, the identical couldn’t be stated about J’onn J’onzz who instantly panicked when flames erupted from his physique. Crashing right into a forest, the terrified Martian Manhunter ran amok, setting the wilderness on hearth. Fortuitously, the Flash and Surprise Lady had been alerted to the catastrophe and tracked down the burning man, believing him to be a brilliant villain. After they found this “Martian Torch” was truly their buddy and teammate, they took J’onn again to JLA headquarters and had been capable of submerge him in fluids that prevented him from spontaneously combusting.

J’onn was fitted with an Atlantean go well with of armor stuffed with fluid, granting him some mobility, though fight threatened to crack open his go well with and set him on hearth once more. Fortuitously, he was capable of neutralize the nanites – however when he found Batman’s position in his situation, he was furious. However, he additionally realizes that at one level, he additionally saved recordsdata on the JLA’s strengths and weaknesses (though he didn’t develop neutralizing battle techniques like Batman). Thus, when the Justice League votes on Batman’s expulsion from the crew, J’onn votes to let him keep.

The Martian Manhunter and Batman had been established as having a reasonably shut relationship in some continuities. Each are detectives and each typically really feel extra comfy working from the shadows. Nonetheless, understanding that his buddy was planning on turning him right into a model of the Human Torch will need to have put an enormous pressure on J’onn’s relationship with Bruce Wayne. Whereas he might perceive why the Darkish Knight felt the necessity to create such a contingency, the horror of getting his teammate flip his worst worry towards him will need to have been devastating.

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