Aang Is The Villain Of The Cabbage Man’s Story In Funny Last Airbender Alternate Intro

Aang becomes the villain of the cabbage merchant’s story in this funny alternate Avatar: The Last Airbender intro. Thanks to its arrival on Netflix earlier this year, Avatar has returned to the forefront of the pop culture conversation as fans old and new revisit the series. All of this comes ahead of Netflix’s planned live-action Avatar adaptation, which was first announced back in 2018. Updates have been slow to arrive, but it sounds like things are still in the early development stages. Nevertheless, fans are quite excited to see Avatar get the live-action treatment once again, provided it’s better than 2010’s The Last Airbender.

Once intended as just a one-off character, the cabbage merchant is one of Avatar’s best recurring jokes. The poor merchant has the misfortune of setting up his cabbage stand wherever Aang and his friends travel to, and without fail, they end up destroying the stand every time. Therefore, the merchant is best known for crying out in dismay over his cabbages. While that’s basically all there is to his character on Avatar, the cabbage merchant has become such a fan favorite that his story has been continued in the Avatar sequel comics and the spin-off The Legend of Korra.

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There’s little doubt that the cabbage merchant must think very unfavorably about Aang despite all the good he’s done, and fan Baugo decided to take things a step further. Using Avatar‘s well-known opening intro, Baugo has changed the show to be from the merchant’s perspective. This means that Aang is definitely the villain, which puts the show in a very different light. Check it out down below.

The cabbage merchant is such an integral part of Avatar that many hope he’ll make an appearance in Netflix’s live-action series. Voice actor James Sie has already said he’s ready to reprise his role for the show should Netflix decide to include him, so the pieces are already put in place. It wouldn’t feel like Avatar if someone wasn’t screaming nonsensically about cabbages every few episodes.

Unfortunately, though, it’ll likely be a while before fans discover whether or not the cabbage merchant will be a part of the Avatar live-action series. Very little has been announced about the project, so it’s anyone’s guess about what will happen. Luckily, however, fans have the opportunity to rewatch Avatar over and over on Netflix, and next month they’ll also have The Legend of Korra at their disposal. That way, everyone can be caught up on the cabbage merchant’s journey when Netflix finally gets rolling with their Avatar.

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