7 New Jewelry Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere This Fall

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If you’re already thinking ahead to your fall wardrobe and what you’ll be wearing in the months ahead, you’re not alone. In our editor Zoom calls and Slack channels, the upcoming fall trends are a hot topic of discussion, where we’re floating around the pieces we have our eyes on and what we’re adding to our shopping carts at the moment. As we continue to digest the current pandemic, we have to confess that it has changed the way we’re thinking about fashion trends and the way we’re getting dressed up, but it sure is fun to talk about them and dig up some inspiring runway images form the best F/W 20 shows.

Looking to one of my favorite fashion items—jewelry—there are plenty of cool pieces that I foresee bubbling up this fall. Ahead, I’m highlighting 7 of my favorite fall 2020 jewelry trends, from clothing with jewelry actually built into it to the new take on choker necklaces to ever-evolving chain pieces.

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