5 Things The Super Mario Bros Movie Can Learn From Sonic The Hedgehog

Make Bowser The Predominant Antagonist

You ask any fan of Mario—any fan in any respect—and so they’ll inform you with out hesitation that Bowser is Mario’s predominant antagonist. So why did the unique Tremendous Mario Bros. film make King Koopa the primary unhealthy man? And sure, earlier than you leap down my throat, I do know, King Koopa was Bowser’s unique identify within the first Tremendous Mario Bros. online game. However that film got here out in 1993! This was properly after Tremendous Mario Bros. 3 and even Tremendous Mario World, the place the identify and likeness of Bowser was already established as a large, reptilian creature with a spiky shell. As an alternative, the studio solid Dennis Hopper, and so they had him saying strains like “Monkey!”

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