30 Rock: 10 Worst Things Liz Ate

Over the seven seasons of 30 Rock on NBC, Liz Lemon became known for a variety of things. She was passionate about her show, TGS. She cared deeply about her friends, no matter how many times they screwed her over or threw her under the bus. She was terrible in relationships until she met her husband Criss Chros.

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But more than anything else, Liz was known for the horrifying food she ate, both the quantity and quality. Sometimes it was about what she was eating, other times it was all about the context. Regardless, there were still some choices that were worse than others.

10 Cupcake Sandwich

After being canceled, Kenneth informed Liz Lemon that she needed to do one more episode of TGS to fulfill her NBC contract. Liz got the gang back together one last time. This meant they got to order lunch on NBC. Unfortunately, Lutz was up in the rotation and he wanted to order Blimpie’s. To stop this, Liz and the writers trapped Lutz in her office and ordered a proper banquet.

When it arrived, Liz made herself a cupcake sandwich by ripping the top up, flipping it over and smashing it down on the bottom half. That’s when Lutz fell through the roof and ruined the banquet.

9 A $54 Steak

This was one of those times when the context was everything. Jack Donaghy was recovering from a heart attack and unable to enjoy the things he loved, like alcohol, women and red meat. He brought Lemon up to his office to show her a $54 steak he couldn’t eat, then asked her to eat it in front of him.

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Presumably, the goal was to enjoy the steak by proxy by watching her eat it. Unfortunately for Jack, Lemon inhaled the massive hunk of meat in a matter of seconds, claiming a dog took it.

8 Airport Sandwich

Once a year, the teamsters who worked on TGS went to a secret sandwich shop and bought everyone the most delicious sandwiches in the world. The sauce they came with was apparently like manna from the gods. Then, the writers decided to eat Liz’s sandwich. This was, of course, a bad idea as people who come between Liz and food rarely survive the experience.

After beating the teamsters in a drinking contest, the writers were able to get Liz a new sandwich. She tried to take it through security at the airport but was not allowed. Liz crammed the sandwich down her throat right then and there.

7 Night Cheese

Eating cheese late at night isn’t weird at all, even if you’re a perennial single woman like Liz. She’s often up late at night eating cheese. Again, this situation is more about context than anything else. Liz was wrapped in a “slanket,” singing a song she wrote called “Night Cheese” roughly to the tune of the Bob Seeger classic, “Night Moves.”

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This was such a regular occurrence that when Jack showed up at her apartment, he knew the name of the song. Any fan who has heard “Night Cheese” has to admit that it’s pretty catchy.

6 Ham In A Wedding Dress

Liz was convinced by a very smart saleswoman to buy a wedding dress. She told Liz that many women buy their perfect dress when they find it and then they’re ready for when they meet the right person. That may or may not be true, but the argument sure worked on Liz.

Naturally, things went crazy from there as she wore it at the office and during a conversation with Jerry Seinfeld. The end result of this round of Liz’s depressing life adventures was sitting on the TGS stage in her dress and eating ham. Liz successfully made eating ham weird.

5 A Folded Up Pizza

This was a horrifying moment on a number of levels. The writers trolled Pete into thinking that Jack wanted to be friends with him. They convinced Pete to put on a poncho, get some beers and go up to Jack’s office after work. All of this should have ended in disaster, but Jack was having a rough day and was actually into it. The boys had a superb bro hangout.

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Later on, Liz showed up with an extra-large pizza she planned on eating by herself in Jack’s office. Instead, she sat down with Pete and Jack, then folded the pizza up and tried to eat it.

4 Cheesy Blasters

Take a hot dog, stuff it with some Jack cheese, fold it inside a pizza and you’ve got Cheesy Blasters. Jack served Cheesy Blasters to Liz, Tracy and Jenna at a fancy restaurant to show them how out of touch they were with the average American. He was full of great advice.

Liz was the only one excited to see the cheesy mess on her plate. Jenna was locked and loaded with a pair of chopsticks as she thought she was going to eating something much, much different. Later on, Liz admitted that the Cheesy Blasters gave her the “Cheesy Blasters” when she went to the bathroom.

3 Sabor De Soledad

Despite the constant efforts of her friends, Liz was addicted to Mexican knockoff Cheetos called Sabor de Soledad, which translated to the “Taste of Loneliness.” This was a shockingly accurate description of Liz’s life at the time.

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Liz defended Sabor de Soledad until eating so many gave her a false positive on a pregnancy test, which quickly threw her life into turmoil. The fact that evaporated bull semen was a key ingredient in her favorite snack may have been a contributing factor to this specific issue.

2 Potpourri

Liz ate potpourri. There’s no context in which this could seem normal. She accompanied Jack to a dinner with Gavin Volure, a reclusive businessman who regularly brought luminaries together for evenings of great food and lively conversation at his home.

Prior to the dinner, Liz started eating some chips which turned out to be potpourri. No one can be sure that she even stopped eating them. Liz even got to show off her incredible knowledge of cupcakes, which definitely intrigued Gavin and put John McEnroe in his place.

1 Cigarettes

Always on a journey to improve herself, Liz entered into a bet with Frank, her roommate at the time. Basically, she had to give up junk food and he had to give up smoking. But Pete warned them that everyone needed an outlet for their stress and that they should not deny that need. He was right.

Liz believed Frank was secretly smoking so she videotaped the common area at night. Instead, Liz found out that she was sleep eating, sleep-smoking Frank’s cigarettes and also sleep-eating Frank’s cigarettes. Somehow, she actually ate something worse than potpourri.

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