19 Bronzers That Make You Look Like You’ve Been on Holiday

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As many of us had plans to be jet-setting this summer but were met with indoor destinations instead, I’ve sought the bronzing miracles to give the appearance that we’ve spent time in warmer climes, even when it’s just the local park. The best bronzers give you a healthy and radiant glow, even when you’ve not had the chance to get more vitamin D. A few swipes with a brush here or a couple of dabs of gel there, and you’ll look like you’ve been on the Costa del Sol, even if it’s more like Costa del London Fields. 

To master a luminescent complexion and successfully craft your summer skin, it’s worth noting what to look for in a bronzer and the tools you’ll want to be equipped with. A general recommendation is to avoid bronzers that are too orange or too grey, which, on any skin tone, will either over-exaggerate or flatten the complexion, drawing away from the desired look.

On fairer skin tones, reach for a shade that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone but has a mix of tan and rose undertones to enhance your complexion and always apply it with a light hand.

For light to medium skin tones, you want to focus on bronzers that are quite neutral with slight gold undertones. This will create a warm, golden glow without going too orange.

Coppers, golds, reds and terracottas are the sort of warmer shades and undertones that work perfectly for tan and olive skin tones. Avoid straying from your natural skin tone, though, and focus on the warmer shades, as anything cool will instantly flatten your complexion and appear dull on the skin.

For dark to deep-dark skin tones, stick to your natural skin tone. You are enhancing and defining, not sculpting as a contour would do. Instead, focus on the pigment and undertone, look out for gold, terracotta, and red, as they will add further warmth to the skin, and for a shimmer. Also, try playing with metallics to create a natural radiance.

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