15 Worst Episodes Of Avatar: The Last Airbender According To IMDB

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Nickelodeon’s fashionable TV present Avatar: The Final Airbender stays one of the vital beloved cartoons to today. The present was significantly praised for its glorious mixture of Japanese and American cultures whereas additionally depicting a improbable story crammed with memorable characters. The present additionally balanced numerous mature themes combined right into a enjoyable, child’s present. The cartoon did so nicely that, a number of years after its conclusion, it even launched a spin-off collection, The Legend of Korra

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Whereas the sequel collection isn’t held in as excessive regard, there’s nonetheless numerous reward for it. Fortunately, it builds on what Avatar: The Final Airbender had already established in its nice Three season run. Nevertheless, in Three seasons of greatness, there are nonetheless a number of bumps and missteps. To take a look at a number of the lesser moments within the collection, right here is our record of the worst episodes of Avatar: The Final Airbender in accordance with IMDB.

Up to date On June 2, 2020 By Amanda Bruce: Because the Web Film Database is a stay web site, scores for tv exhibits and films can change as extra viewers add their very own scores to the location. With Avatar: The Final Airbender now accessible to stream on Netflix, much more tv followers are watching the present for the primary time, and a few are rewatching the collection via new eyes, altering their opinions of the episodes. 

15 The King Of Omashu S1E05 (8.2)

This is not a nasty episode per se, and actually, there is a massive chunk of episodes that wind up with a ranking between 8.5 and eight.1 on IMDb as a result of they merely aren’t as excellent as one thing just like the collection’ last stretch of episodes.

On this season one episode, Aang, Katara, and Sokka make their approach to Omashu, seeking to have a bit enjoyable the place Aang used to play with one in every of his mates 100 years in the past. As a substitute, they get caught, and the native king places Aang via his paces, testing him when he discovers he is the Avatar. Ultimately, only a few followers have been doubtless shocked that the king seems to be Aang’s previous buddy.

14 The Runaway S3E07 (8.2)

This season three episode would not sit as nicely with followers just because it repeats story beats they’ve already seen earlier than. Katara and Toph do not see eye-to-eye on just about something, and right here, Katara has sufficient when she realizes that Toph’s scheming and conning the locals might get them into bother.

On the plus facet, Katara and Toph finish the episode nearer than ever, however contemplating the entire bonding they’ve already finished up to now, it appears redundant.

13 Winter Solstice, Half 1: The Spirit World S1E07 (8.2)

Solely the seventh episode of the collection, this episode began Aang’s introduction to the Spirit World, nevertheless it did it with a narrative that appeared like Aang might by no means win. The most effective issues in regards to the collection is that there is at all times a bit little bit of hope.

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Aang spends the episode fairly adamant that he has no concept what is going on on or what to do, and it takes nearly all of the story for him to get solutions. For that cause, this episode feels a bit extra meandering than most, regardless of establishing numerous items that come into play later within the collection.

12 The Boy In The Iceberg S1E01 (8.1)

Sure, that is proper, the very first episode of the collection is taken into account one of many worst. Contemplating the episode serves as largely arrange, it isn’t shocking it could be a low-ranking one. When a collection has greater than 60 episodes of story, it stands to cause that the very first episode introducing the primary characters is not going to be as nice as an episode with a massively emotional arc or one which solves a serious thriller.

11 The Northern Air Temple S1E17 (8.1)

As the primary season nears its finish, Aang makes a journey to one of many Air Nation temples with Sokka and Katara. What he finds there initially disgusts him as civilians have made their residence within the temple, destroying issues Aang finds sacred, however they merely see them as gadgets now not in use.

Aang spends the episode studying about change whereas the folks he encounters be taught a lesson in secrets and techniques and survival. Like numerous the early episodes of the collection, it units up numerous attention-grabbing items and introduces numerous nice characters, however the story would not seize the viewers like later episodes.

10 Imprisoned S1E06 (8.0)

As among the finest of the worst, “Imprisoned” is definitely one of many darker episodes of the primary season. Whereas the collection itself has loads of darkish moments, “Imprisoned” is actually the primary to set that tone for what initially appeared to be a lighthearted child’s present. It additionally showcases simply how tyrannical the hearth nation is, as it’s found that they’re capturing earthbenders and forcing them to work in a rig. 

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Nevertheless, by the top of the episode, Katara manages to persuade the imprisoned earthbenders that there’s, actually, hope. The prisoners work collectively to take down the rig and escape. Whereas there’s nonetheless numerous substance throughout the episode, the all of the sudden darker nature appears to throw it’s viewers off, making for the primary small dip in high quality for the collection.

9 The Waterbending Scroll S1E09 (8.0)

One more episode from the collection’ first season, “The Waterbending Scroll” sees Katara try to show Aang what little she is aware of of waterbending. Nevertheless, she shortly grows annoyed when Aang masters issues that took her ceaselessly to know.

Zuko additionally efficiently makes an attempt to entice Katara into betraying Aang, resulting in an altercation between the group and a few pirates later within the episode. General, “The Waterbending Scroll” presents an odd twist in character growth and motivations. Moreover, the characters make the course correction throughout the similar episode, making for a really awkward tempo.

8 The Painted Woman S3E03 (8.0)

Within the collection last season, the crew takes a break from their scheduled journey to assist a city of villagers with damaged spirits. Nevertheless, because of the Painted Woman, the city’s spirits start to rise and its inhabitants start to get higher. Finally, the Painted Woman is revealed to be Katara posing because the Painted Woman allowed the group to remain longer.

Upon the reveal, the crew together with a number of the villagers band collectively to take down the close by Fireplace Nation troopers. A part of what makes this a weaker episode is the break from the group’s primary objective. Whereas it’s positively good to catch a break sometimes, being the third episode of the season feels very early to be placing the primary story on the backburner. Although the episode isn’t unhealthy, it may well’t assist however really feel wedged in as a really critical state of affairs is unfolding elsewhere.

7 Bato of the Water Tribe S1E15 (7.9)

“Bato of the Water Tribe” can’t assist however really feel like a “filler” episode. The episode sees Sokka and Katara uncover some technique of connection to their father. In doing so, they encounter Bato, a member of the waterbending tribe and buddy of their father. In the meantime, Zuko and June lastly create a plan to seize Aang as soon as and for all.

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By the top of the episode, the characters are all on their separate methods as soon as once more. Nothing actually feels prefer it obtained completed and little or no character growth happens. 

6 The Fortuneteller S1E14 (7.9)

In being solely marginally worse than “Bato of the Water Tribe,” “The Fortuneteller” additionally falls into the “filler” class, although there are nonetheless some attention-grabbing issues about it. The episode itself truly foreshadows a number of occasions that the collection would ultimately get to.

Nevertheless, it additionally tells audiences a bit of what would happen between the top of Avatar: The Final Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Regardless of its enjoyable nature, there’s principally nothing else throughout the episode. Many of the different occasions do little to maneuver the plot ahead or arrange future outcomes. Nonetheless, “The Fortuneteller” could be removed from the worst episode the collection has ever put out.

5 Jet S1E10 (7.8)

The collection first season can’t appear to cease making missteps. Although fortunately, every little thing past the primary 12 months could be an incredible enchancment, Season 1 merely has the most important variety of weaker episodes, not less than in accordance with IMDB.

“Jet” serves because the title of the episode in addition to the character that the trio encounter alongside their journey. “Jet” is used to fill in a bit further backstory on the Fireplace Nation and Earthbenders. Whereas this data is required and obligatory, virtually nothing else throughout the episode is worth it. Because of this, it can’t assist however really feel like a pointless episode and nice waste for the collection.

4 The Swamp S2E04 (7.8)

Very similar to different episodes right here, “The Swamp” is Season 2’s first main “filler” episode. After Season 1’s nice finale and an incredible begin to the next 12 months, “The Swamp” actually simply sees the characters adjusting to their new conditions. Zuko and Iroh are on an attention-grabbing path, and the episode presents some nice humor with Iroh, however little else is completed for these two characters.

Moreover, Aang and the gang are attempting to find an earthbending instructor, but encounter some distinctive supernatural entity that isn’t all that it appears to be. For as a lot as a letdown because the episode is, it isn’t even the worst that Season 2 has to supply.

3 Nightmares and Daydreams S3E09 (7.8)

Because the worst episode of Season 3, “Nightmares and Daydreams” follows Aang as he struggles to take care of a collection of nightmares that he believes foreshadow the longer term. On account of these nightmares, Aang turns into crammed with an incredible sense of self-doubt.

In truth, for a lot of the episode, Aang is simply complaining that he feels unready. Whereas it is sensible for there to be some doubt inside Aang, the truth that it takes up a complete episode appears solely pointless, making “Nightmares and Daydreams” appear extra like a burden than correct character growth.

2 Avatar Day S2E05 (7.6)

Because the worst episode of Season 2, greater than the rest, “Avatar Day” is burdened by an overdramatic forwards and backwards. After the gang hears of the Avatar Day pageant, they shortly be taught that the vacation is supposed to demonize the Avatars as an alternative of honoring them.

Audiences are continuously led to consider one factor solely to be informed one thing else mere moments later. Characters additionally make drastic life and dying selections on a dime, making for a really convoluted mess of a narrative. If it had managed to unfold out or clarify a number of the occasions a bit extra, then maybe the episode would have been higher.

1 The Nice Divide S1E011 (7.1)

The worst episode of Season 1 and the entire of Avatar: The Final Airbender is “The Nice Divide.” This episode sees Aang and the gang try to go via a lethal canyon filled with separate gangs and different risks. Alongside the way in which, Aang is ready to unite the warring teams utilizing a narrative that he later reveals was utterly made up on the spot.

The episode truly does a very good job of showcasing a few of Aang’s knowledge regardless of being so younger. Nevertheless, the episode can be burdened by awkward pacing and random occasions. Other than a novel show of knowledge from Aang, the episode general is solely only a mess.

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